Feb 1, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Teddy Long opened the show announcing the Elimination Chamber participants would be Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett, Big Show, Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry and Randy Orton.

Henry came out and said it wasn’t fair, that this only gave him a one-in-six chance of winning the title and he doesn’t want to be in the match (read he needs time off for his injuries) and wanted a singles match tonight. Long said he could grant one wish, he’s out of the Chamber, but he’s not getting a title match. Henry grabbed Long and Long put him on an indefinite suspension. Henry then said he was going to make the suspension worth his while and threatened Long until Sheamus made the save and knocked Henry out of the ring with a Brogue kick.

Long asked Sheamus which title was he going to challenge for at WrestleMania and he said he didn’t know. Cody Rhodes came out and said that he deserved to win the Rumble, because he latest the longest, did most of the work and threw people out. This led to a match.

Sheamus b Cody Rhodes

Hunico vs. Justin Gabriel was next. Rhodes attacked Gabriel. Hunico and Camacho joined in beating down Gabriel until Great Khali made the save. This is a feud that can’t end soon enough.

Drew McIntyre once again asked Long not to fire him. Why even bother? Santino Marella came out and said Santoshi (Marella & Tatsu) didn’t work out so he has formed a new team called Santin-oooo. Jim Duggan showed up and started chanting “USA” while Marella was chanting “Italia.” This led to a site gag. Duggan left his 2×4 with Long. Aksana came out and said she noticed Teddy’s big piece of wood. Duggan came back for his 2×4, saw Aksana and yelled “Hoooo”

Primo & Epico b Marella & Duggan due to Mendes distracting Marella.

Daniel Bryan came out and insulted the people from Nebraska for eating poor defenseless animals. Show came out, said he had just eaten a big steak and choke slammed Bryan. Show went to continue beating on him when A.J., who is back, protectee Bryan.

Brodus Clay b Heath Slater. McIntyre attacked Clay after but Clay laid him out as well.

Beth Phoenix & Natalya b Aksana & Tamina

They announced Khali is replacing Henry in the Elimination Chamber.

Randy Orton b Wade Barrett with an RKO.

The show ended with Long announcing next week’s main event as Bryan vs. Orton


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