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Note on the decision behind Sheamus winning the Royal Rumble

The decision to put Sheamus over at Sunday’s Royal Rumble was made to swerve WWE fans. Obviously, most expected that Chris Jericho would win and challenge CM Punk for the WWE championship at Wrestlemania 28. Many scenarios were discussed including Jericho winning, Orton winning as they were in
St. Louis – Orton’s hometown, and another idea pitched was for John Cena to win as a surprise, and then have to decide between the dream match against The Rock at Wrestlemania, or challenging for a world title at Wrestlemania.

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13 Responses

  1. Kent says:

    Well they def swerved us

  2. Helio says:

    Is Sheamus really ready to main event WrestleMania?

  3. Criss Brian says:

    To be honest, of all those people, Sheamus was the only one that needed it. Cena vs. is gonna happen, and u couldn’t convince anyone otherwise. Orton has already won a rumble, and Jericho is already a legend, and his resume doesn’t need the Rumble. This could b huge in cementing Sheamus’s status. And if it’s Sheamus vs. Bryan at Mania, it could deff b a classic, even with Cena and the Rock.

  4. Tim Steed says:

    Let’s not forget Sheamus & Bryan were robbed of their Mania match for the US title last year. They used it as a dark match which became a battle royal farce… all because of snoop dogg taking time to do a segment. I was personally gutted at this and so, I’ll be looking forward to Sheamus vs Bryan for a world title.

  5. Nick says:

    I still think it will either be Sheamus vs Punk or Sheamus vs Bryan vs Orton. I just can’t see WWE doing Sheamus / Bryan for the 50th time as a Wrestlemania match.

  6. John says:

    Was the miz ready to headline wrestlemania last year?

  7. Joe says:

    Nice swerve… Glad to hear they had a plan. Only way i see Sheamus being an actually headliner at this point is if they do it as a Fatal Four Way or if Punk drops the Belt to the Miz for Miz vs Sheamus at mania.

  8. Discount-double-check says:

    So they swerved us for ONE night? Very creative WWE. I mean, we all saw Jericho/Punk coming as soon as the first cryptic video appeared pretty much.

  9. cold says:

    Only 3 out of 10 Champions have left the Elimination Chamber with their Title (Triple H, John Cena, Edge) Odds are Bryan and Punk Won’t be champions heading into Wrestlemania

    My Prediction is, WWE will blow off Current Storylines to Book Wrestlemania as they did last year…

    The Miz(c) VS C.M. Punk after the Miz wins the RAW Chamber

    Sheamus VS Wade Barrett or Randy Orton for the WORLD Title

  10. Seanyd93 says:

    I cannot see Sheamus vs Bryan at mania…. bryan is not ready to go into mania as world champion…. To be honest, I’m hoping for Sheamus v. Orton v. Barret for the World Heavyweight Championship… Orton can make a match a main event worthy match using young talent, and it would make for an awesome match!

    Btw guys… Headlines mania? Main events mania? You seem to be forgetting that all the hype will be on Cena v Rock for the headline act, for the main event….

  11. Discount-double-check says:


    Did you happen to miss the part of Raw last night where Jericho hit the code-breaker on Punk? Instant set up for a feud that will of course go to Mania over the title.

    And this years Mania will probably not be worth it:
    –Triple H vs. Taker (for the third time, when both men are still good, but not good enough to pull off a great match)
    –Cena vs. Rock (Probably ends in Cena going over, yay. NOT)
    –Punk vs. Jericho (Sounds good on paper, but they’ll find a way to mess it up)
    –Sheamus vs World champion (I’m tired of face Sheamus. Exactly why is he a face again? All he does is smile. So him being in the main event angers me. lol)

    They are basically putting Ziggler and Kane out to fend for themselves here as they won’t have a good feud built up by Mania.

  12. Mike says:

    I wish they would stop saying main event at Wrestlemania. They get a title shot yes but not always the main event. Look at Del Rio, he won and he was the first match at WM. And he’s not the only one this has been like this for.

  13. I predicted he would win. I was a little surprised when it got down to him and Jericho but it got me to the edge of my seat, that’s for sure. I was shouting with joy when he won. It would have been so lame to let Jericho win.

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