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Final Pools for the WWE Royal Rumble Giveaways

It is that time of the year – The Royal Rumble, and as always, GERWECK.NET is giving away three prizes. We will enter 30 names into three separate pools. This year, 90 readers will have an opportunity to win a prize. To enter, and receive a number, send your name, your mailing address, and the prize you’d like to win to … The prizes include…

Pool #1:

WWE Encyclopedia

1. Jeremy Westwood
2. Donald Kelley
3. Kelli McGrady
4. Brian Parker
5. Robert Stitt
6. David Heinrich
7. Kevin Farrell
8. Ben L. Martinez
9. Brian Wheat
10. George Tao
11. Don Keeney II
12. Eduardo Gama
13. Aly Welker
14. Adam Morehart
15. Jessie Russell
16. Kevin Neitzel
17. James Waller
18. Brett Bernicky
19. Matt Durham
20. Sean Townsend
21. Alexis Barreto
22. Lisa Parr
23. Scott Baron
24. Jeff Ballew
25. Eddie Villalpando
26. Michele Zabnicki
27. Kyle Russell
28. Alex Munchie Avila
29. Alexander Balaez
30. Peter Perea

Pool #2:

Classic Ring of Honor Best in the World DVD – Featuring CM Punk, Samoa Joe, Terry Funk, Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, and more

1. Jim Gjoni
2. John Mancini
3. Chris Blackwell
4. David Moore
5. Billy Dunlevy
6. Joshua Barnhart
7. Jerry Neil
8. Steven Billett
9. Cody A. Springer
10. Roy Embry
11. Brad Kelley
12. John Davis
13. Jerrod Sullivan
14. Ken Hamblin
15. Rebecca Faulkner
16. Christina Smith
17. Sean Denniss
18. Joshua Moreland
19. Joshua Drehmer
20. Drew Durham
21. Carter Gessay
22. Mike Iles
23. Cameron Smyth
24. Danny Bostick
25. Jonathan Pizarro
26. Chris Metry
27. Daniel Crowley
28. Eric Williams
29. Christian Palko
30. Jennifer Cogan

Pool #3:

The Road Warriors: Danger, Death, and the Rush of Wrestling book signed by WWE hall of famer Road Warrior Animal

1. Chris Felentzer
2. Seth Drzewicki
3. Joseph Nocera
4. Marissa DiGiacomo
5. Josh Dionio
6. William Moreland
7. Robert M. Burke
8. Lucas Lutkus
9. Alexander Gessay
10. James Angelini
11. Mike Mazur
12. Edward Cook
13. Chris Morin
14. Dustin Pellman
15. Matthew Morin
16. Philip Vale
17. Karl Robinson
18. Adolfo Figueroa
19. Gerald Morin
20. Justin Hipple
21. Joe Decker
22. Carlton Banks
23. Kevin Hull
24. Ger Burke
25. Amy Westlake
26. Adam Farrand
27. Nick Elzer
28. Jay Simola
29. Joe Fino
30. Lauren Figueroa

If your number matches the winner of the 2012 Royal Rumble, you will win the prize. We will announce the names for the pools this weekend. Stay tuned, and good luck if entering!

Reminder: join us Sunday night for our LIVE coverage of WWE’s Royal Rumble PPV, starting at 8PM ET.

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8 Responses

  1. RS says:

    Yes! I got in! Go #11, whoever you may be!

  2. Seanyd93 says:

    come on 17!

  3. eddie says:

    Hope 12 is Jericho since already talking punk vs. Jericho for the title at mania

  4. Kyle Christie says:

    I copied the email but forgot to go to aol to send the email. What a ferret i am. :-(

  5. tony says:

    i didnt get in, that sucks. well good luck to everyone that did

  6. Jonathan P. says:

    Lets go #25

  7. peter Perea says:

    Well….I failed xD

  8. eddie says:

    Wow I got the king damn u wwe

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