Jan 29, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

– Plug for WWE on YouTube

– Promo for Wrestlemania 28 – 63 days away

We see this video:

superstars enter the match every 90 seconds…

(1) The Miz

Miz grabs the mic and said he doesn’t care he entered the Rumble at #1. He said always prove people wrong, and tonight will be no different. Miz says he’ll be the last man standing and go on to headline Wrestlemania.

(2) Alex Riley. Riley eliminated at 1:15 by Miz.

(3) The Truth

(4) IC champion Cody Rhodes

(5) Justin Gabriel

(6) Tag Team Primo. Miz eliminated Truth at 7:09.

(7) Mick Foley. Primo eliminated by Foley at 8:29.

(8) Ricardo Rodriguez came out in a beat up a car with Del Rio’s theme music. Gabriel eliminated by Foley at 11:22.

(9) Santino. Santino gave Ricardo a wedgie and eliminated him at 12:41. The Cobra vs. Mr. Socko

(10) Epico. Foley eliminated Epico at 13:52. Santino eliminated by Cody at 14:25. Foley eliminated at 14:45.

(11) Kofi Kingston

(12) Jerry Lawler. Cody eliminated The King at 17:27

(13) Ezekial Jackson. The King returned to the announce table.

(14) Jinder Mahal

(15) The Great Khali. Khali eliminated Mahal and Jackson

(16) Hunico

(17) Booker T. Kingston walked on his hands, to save elimination by The Miz.

(18) Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie)

(19) Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Fans chanted, “USA, USA!” Rhodes eliminated Duggan at 28:28. Khali and Booker were eliminated.

(20) Michael Cole

(21) Kharma. Kharma goes right after Cole, Lawler and Booker pull Cole out of the Rumble. Kharma eliminated Hunico, but Ziggler then eliminated Kharma.

(22) Sheamus. Kingston was eliminated.

(23) Road Dogg

(24) Jay Uso

(25) United States Champion Jack Swagger

(26) Wade Barrett. Road Dogg was eliminated at 39:03

(27) David Otunga

(28) Randy Orton. Orton eliminated Uso and Barrett

(29) Chris Jericho. Y2J eliminated Otunga

(30) The Big show. Swagger has been eliminated. Cody and Miz eliminated by Big show, followed by Ziggler.

Final Four – Big Show, Sheamus, Y2J, Orton. Big Show eliminated by Orton, Orton eliminated by Jericho.

Final Two – Jericho and Sheamus. Walls of Jericho. Sheamus eliminated Y2J at 54:51 to win the 2012 Royal Rumble.

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