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– We see a promo for the Elimination Chamber PPV, which is 2/19

– We see the St. Louis Arch

– The hyped the The Rock vs. John Cena match at Wrestlemania 28 on 4/1. We see a highlight package on Cena.

(2) The Bella Twins, Divas champion Beth Phoenix and Natalya vs. Kelly Kelly, Eve, Tamina, and Alicia Fox

You can hear a pin drop.

All the divas brawled on the outside of the ring. Kelly Kelly launched herself off the top rope onto the divas. Glam Slam on Kelly Kelly by Phoenix ends the match at 5:27.

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  1. Fullfatman101 says:

    This match went for longer than 2 minuets. Does that mean they get overtime pay?

  2. -J- says:

    At least the let Beth go over, they have been burying poor Natalya having her all farting out loud and such on smackdown.

  3. aag44 says:

    I figured they’d have at least one bonus match, since it can’t all be just main-event level matches + the Rumble: People NEED some time to take a break & go to the bathroom. Still, I’m surprised they put the bathroom break so early. I mean, it’s not like the WHC match was that long… Maybe they’ll have another brief bonus match later?? (doubt it)

    Also, for the life of me I don’t understand why they give us this instead of a Natalya/Tamina match. You know, the one Divas rivalry they’ve actually been building up??

  4. Silenzi says:

    WOW almost 6 minutes for 8 divas. I can unnderstand that they want to hold the matches a bit shorter to highlight that men van take more punches. But this is ridiculus. I say give them 2 matches on ppv and more storybuilds and they will shine. And i agree with aag44 why give us this mess instead of the one they have promoted in Nattie and Tamina. I long for the old diva days with Gail kim, Trish, Lita, candice michelle, Maria, Victoria, molly Holly and moore

  5. WTF says:

    @ Silenzi – Ivory wasn’t so bad herself.

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