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Tentative Wrestlemania 28 Card

– The Rock vs. John Cena

– Triple H vs. Undertaker

– CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho for the WWE title

– Shaquille O’Neal vs. Big Show

– Smackdown title match

– Divas match

– Money in the Bank

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. Todd says:

    Look for Mania to look something like this….

    The Rock vs John Cena

    The Undertaker vs Triple H
    (Shawn Michaels is rumored to be involved either as the referee or
    be in HHH’s corner)

    WWE Championship
    CM Punk (c) vs Chris Jericho (2012 royal rumble winner)

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Daniel Bryan (c) vs Randy Orton

    The Big Show vs Shaquille O’Neil
    (storyline: Big Show considering retirement as he feels he no longer has it, gets eliminated from Royal Rumble, O’Neil at ringside inadverdtly
    does something to annoy Big Show leading to this match)

    WWE Diva’s Championship
    Beth Phoenix (c) vs Kharma

    Sheamus vs Kane

    Mick Foley vs Dolph Ziggler

    Money in the Bank Ladder Match
    Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger vs Wade Barrett vs R-Truth vs Zack Ryder
    vs Ted DiBiase vs Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio vs The Miz vs Evan Bourne
    (Wade Barrett will win and cash it in straight after the Bryan v Orton match)

    WWE Intercontinental Championship
    Cody Rhodes (c) vs Christian

  2. Sheesh says:

    So, wait, has anyone told Craptacular that the Money in the Bank PPV was discontinued? 😉

    Message received; let’s stop piling on already and get back to the important stuff like whether the Rock can make a Cena match worth watching.

  3. Craptacular says:

    Sorry guys… I don’t have the idea for MITB PPV ><

    Hey… I like the idea of Sheamus vs Kane… it could be a very atractive feud…

  4. N. Gaijin says:

    You can blame the first few comments on the delay due to the comment approval system, as for the rest… well…

    I really hope this isn’t the second year in a row that Ziggler is knocked out of the title picture. I’d still like to see Punk/Jericho, but that pretty much leaves Ziggler hanging out with nothing to do – title or no title. That being said, it’d be great if Mysterio were to return for the Rumble and wound up wrestling Ziggler, but who really knows with how fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants the writing team in Stanford is.

    I definitely like the idea of Orton/Bryan, but I just find myself very skeptical WWe will do it.

    As for everything else, I don’t really care. The diva’s match is sure to be awful as there’s only a few divas on the roster who can actually wrestle, and of those, maybe ONE of them will be champion at ‘Mania and I highly doubt whoever she is wrestling can actually WRESTLE. Years of having it shoved in our faces like the Elimination Chamber has effectively spoiled any interest I’ve had in the MitB Ladder match. It’s almost like the match became a showcase for that one guy who never actually won it (you know the one) and then after he left, it became very uninteresting. Now whether the match becoming boring and that one guy leaving are actually related, I won’t say because I don’t really know. That aside, if Christian is ready in time for the match, I’d pick either him or R-Truth as the most likely winners of the briefcase.

  5. Matt says:

    Anyone else think Jericho will screw punk this Sunday?? Plays into the whole angle perfectly, especially as lauranitus was texting somebody every week and clay (who he was apparently texting) debuted the same week as Jericho when the texts then stopped.

  6. James says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t think Daniel Bryan has what it takes to main event wrestlemania. He’s a great athlete but he’s not there yet.

  7. kidd-cage says:

    Yes I really hope Money in the Bank match is back for WM this year.

  8. raven12516 says:

    @Todd: Why Sheamus vs Kane?

  9. Thomas says:

    They are going to lead people on till Wrestlemania,thinking HHH will take on the Taker.When the match is ready to start they will say April Fools,we fooled you thinking this match was going to take place.Then all of a sudden the sound of glass breaks and out comes Stoncold Steve Austin to take on the Taker and hit him with a few stunners and stomping mudholes.Stonecold ends takers streak and gives Taker a beer bath and both wrestlers vanish into permanent retirement.Stonecold should have one good match in him left to Arrive,Raise Hell and Leave.

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