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No same day coverage of WWE HOF on USA

The USA Network will not be airing same day coverage of the 2012 WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony on March 31st. No word yet on when/if it will air. Last year, the Hall Of Fame coverage aired 2 days after the ceremony took place. Go to or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.

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  1. Jay Sim says:

    I don’t understand why WWE doesn’t have The HOF Ceremony on PPV. Seriously,…Why not charge $20.00??? It would do tremendous buys,which is always a good thing in WWE’s eyes!!

  2. mshelez says:

    They HAVE to show the HOF, especially with Edge being inducted this year. If not, I’m throwing myself on the floor and having a giant temper tantrum.

  3. Criss Brian says:

    Dont know if it’s WWE or USA’s decision, but with Edge and the Horsemen, I smell ratings. Would b dumb to not show

  4. steve says:

    u know they can air the whole hof, what does usa air on the weekends? nothin major, just movies n re-runs of shows. so of course usa can air it. but u guys know tv is all about ratings n if they don’t see the kind of ratings that raw does. wwe won’t be happy, so its a saturday while ppl r out on the weekends ppl do dvr tha show n those ratings count

  5. Brandon says:

    mshelez, im going to do the same thing. i started watching wrestling regularly just about when he made his debut in the Brood. ever since then i was hooked on him. i knew he was going to do great things, and just over a decade later he is being enshrined in the Hall of Fame. though it came too early for him. he could still be the best in the business, but he sacrificed years of his career to be the best.

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