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More WWE PPV changes

The ever changing WWE PPV schedule looks to be changing again:

The 6/17 PPV was changed to Bragging Rights, but now appears to be Fatal Four Way
The 7/15 Money in the Bank PPV is now going to the TLC show.
The 11/18 Survivor Series is now set for Phoenix
The 12/16 PPV that had been TLC, is now Bragging Rights, and set for Memphis

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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17 Responses

  1. lachlan says:

    This is how wwe should do it
    1 Royal Rumble
    2 Elimination Chamber
    3 WrestleMania XXVIII
    4 Extreme Rules
    5 Bragging Rights
    6 Night of Champions
    7 King of the Ring
    8 SummerSlam
    9 Cyber Sunday
    10 No Mercy
    11 Survivor Series
    12 Armageddon

  2. Beast says:

    Cyber Sunday isn’t a GOOD idea.

  3. Zack says:

    @lachlan No this is how they should do it…

    January: Royal Rumble
    April: Wrestlemania
    June: King of the Ring
    August: Summerslam
    November: Survivor Series

  4. matt says:

    have the 4 big shows then a b-show in between them

  5. Mike says:

    id rather have less ppv like @ zack said maybe 6 max, to add depth to feuds. maybe actually build up angles and push other guys. bring in lower card titles for mid carders.

  6. CocaCola says:

    How about February be No Way Out?

  7. GERRY says:

    i agree with @Zack

  8. Will says:

    It’s all good as long as there’s no Backlash. That PPV always sucked, it was just Wrestlemania rematches.

  9. Matt says:

    No money in the bank?? It was the best ppv of the whole year

  10. Leath says:

    I’ve kinda always liked Backlash more than WM. WM gets ALL the hype but the show is 90% bs and 10% action! They always spend way too much time focusing on pointless celebrity appearances, etc. At least Backlash featured actual matches..

  11. eddie says:

    I like what sack said more time to build matches so they mean something

  12. Kerry says:

    They should just change the name WrestleMania to EntertainmentMania. Too much?

  13. apex says:

    said it before I will say it again

    1. Royal Rumble
    2. No Way Out
    3. Wrestlemania
    4. Backlash
    5. Extreme Rules
    6. Night of Champions
    7. King of the Ring
    8. Summer Slam
    9. Vengeance
    10. No Mercy
    11. Survivor Series
    12. Armageddon

    I honestly don’t understand why they tried to force so many PPV’s down our throats. I honestly think that even one a month is too much but it seems to be the route they want to go. Atleast its not like 15 or whatever it was before.

    Another issue I have is all the stupid PPV names that are named after matches. Look Fatal 4 Ways are cool and its a cool name for a match but not a whole PPV based around the gimmick same goes for hell in a cell. The only ones which really work are royal rumble and survivor series. I swear if I have to watch another chair match at TLC i will shoot myself

  14. cold says:

    gotta agree they need to go with about 6 PPV yearly, and do like 3 or 4 Saturday Night Main Event (2-3 Hour Specials on NBC or USA)

    1. Royal Rumble
    -1.5 SNME on NBC/USA(sat. night main event): featuring the Elimination Chamber

    2. WrestleMania

    3. Extreme Rules

    4. King of the Ring
    -4.5 SNME on NBC/USA: T.L.C.

    5. SummerSlam
    -5.5 SNME on NBC/USA: Night of Champions

    6. Survivor Series
    -6.5 SNME on NBC/USA : TRIBUTE to the TROOPS on NBC

  15. micheal says:

    jan royal rumble
    feb no way out
    march/ april wrestlemaina/ backlash
    may extreme rules
    june night of champion
    july tlc
    aug summer slam
    sept hell in the cell
    oct no mercy/ cyber sunday
    servior serise
    dec armgeddon
    this is what is should be and stay and be hard core wrestling no pg crap

  16. Again with the people saying that they should drop down to 6 (or even 4, seriously?) PPVs… tell this to the wrestlers that they get to miss out on 6-8 PPV checks a year. Oh, and some guys don’t get those checks at all anymore.

    I’m sure that’ll go over well.

  17. Ian says:

    I agree with Zack…5 PPVs.

    No “B” PPVs, because they end up just being rematches of previous PPVs time and time again…build up to major feud ending matches instead of the same feud matches time and time again…

    I also want Survivor Series to BE Survivor Series again with all Survivor matches…and build up over months from Summer Slam as team feud.

    Maybe to a Clash of Champions type show in the off months where other matches can still be put on and it doesnt have ot be the huge PPV matches.

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