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Smackdown SPOILERS

courtesy of Don Owens:

Smackdown time, Big Show is out talking about retiring cause he hurt AJ, now Daniel Bryan out talking smack to Show

Cody Rhodes vs Justin Gabriel = Cody wins with Cross Rhodes

Sheamus beat Drew McIntyre, now Epico & Primo beat Yoshi and Santino

Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton. Orton attacked, refs tried stopping it, roster guys came out to try and help stop, Barrett ran and Orton RKO-ed everyone

Hunico vs Ted DiBiase, Hunico won

Brodus Clay squashed Alex Riley

Aksana beat Natalya in a quick roll up, Natalya put sharpshooter on and Tamina made save

Big Show vs Mark Henry, looked liked Henry got hurt. He collapsed to the mat and looked in pain, ref threw up X, Henry rolled out the ring.
Henry got counted out, Daniel Bryan ran in and attacked Show, they scrapped, la Bell lock, broken then WMD. Henry gets up limps to back

Smackdown is over, dark match now Street Fight Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett, Barrett has crappy new music this time

Orton beats Barrett with an RKO in the dark match main event

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13 Responses

  1. smyth says:

    A-Ry jobbing to the Funkasaurus. What a damn shame. Why isn’t this guy getting a push right now?

  2. aag44 says:

    Oh hell NO… Natalya jobbing to AKSANA??? Of all people, seriously???? Not happy about this…

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I mean really even if the match isn’t short, I feel like everytime Brodus Clay wins someone gets “squashed”. Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week.

  4. Ronald B says:

    WWE needs a complete overhaul of their creative team. It looks like a replay of a previous episode.

  5. sewageofyouth says:

    I’ve been waiting to see Aksana wrestle.

  6. chris says:

    Riley went from being way over…to his tenure being over. 15 minutes of fame have ended for Riley.

    btw, I thought Drew was fired…oh that’s right, this isn the WWE, continutity means nothing

  7. Joshua says:

    if you recall long gave drew his job back thanks to santino

  8. TG says:

    @Chris… it’s a storyline… duh.

  9. DeathNote81 says:

    I like Hunico, but there’s nowhere for him to go in the WWE right now, unless they tag him with that guy he comes out to the ring with.

    Drew is in a similar predicament, minus the potential tag partner.

    I hate that Yoshi Tatsu is a rarely seen jobber.

    It seems like Natalya and tamina have switched places. Don’t understand why, when just yesterday, Natalya was one-half of a hot act.

  10. Meh says:

    MVP lost plenty of matches for over 4 months before finally winning a Last Man Standing against Big Show (though he had help from HHH) in January 2009. Maybe Drew is going to turn face from his losing streak.

  11. coreledge says:

    Well I still watch Raw and SD every week, and I still LIKE it.

    Thing is, thanks to the internet, I also watch WWE/F from years gone by, concurrent with the new shows. At the moment I am watching the shows from 2001 (Raw is War, Smackdown and the PPVs). I usually watch the new episode, then an old one, from the same week, straight after.

    Im not a mega smark or anything, and what i wonder is, are the same people involved with creative, that were involved in 2001?

    I ask because I find myself looking forward to the old episode more than the new ones, for one reason really. ANYTHING could happen in 2001 (I know it wasnt the greatest year ever, personally I, maybe rose tinted, liked 97/99, but i need to rewatch).

    Put it this way, in 2001 Im currently enjoying stone cold/HHH/Rock feud, with Austin not allowed to touch HHH until the PPV (which is to be a best of 3 falls, straight match, street fight, then Cage). Stephanie vs Trish feud over affair with Vince (with Regal covering for Vince-so fucking funny), Vince keeping wife in drug induced coma, Hardy boys and Lita feuding with The Radicals, Edge and Christian feuding with Dudleys, also involving Kane and Taker. Raven and a mystery female ninja acomplice vs everyone who might want the HC title, Lita harrasssed by Malenko, Al Snow campaigning to be Comissioner and /or the reinstatement of Foley (dressing up as Mankind at one point), Jericho feuding with everyone (lol and teaming with Benoit), Angle hilariously trying to hold onto the WWF title by any means….

    Ive probably missed some out as well….OH The Kat trying to fight for the right to get naked, and hiring APA (I didnt like APA at the time, I appreciate them second time around) Vs Right to Censor… and Chyna getting her neck snapped etc….all this from Jan/Feb 2001 episodes.

    Why is it deemed not OK for WWE to have multiple storylines like this nowadays? and for the matches to mean something, and PPV matches to be really really important storyline wise.
    It doesnt even matter if its ‘PG’. PG doesnt mean no story. I couldnt care less about blood and boobies and cursing, but for heavens sake, there is just no continuity or seemingly any care for storylines anymore.

    Another thing that sticks out for me in 2001 compared to today is ofc the Divas. I just watched a match that was the Hardys and Lita Vs Kane and Undertaker and Eddie and the nameless one. Guess who the crowd pops for throughout the entire match? ‘lita lita lita lita’.

    So you cant say women cant get over, but look at the Aksana match, wtf was the point of even putting that on TV? and its the same EVERY week, the underdog woman wins by a sneaky roll up/gets squashed in 45 secs.

    Nowadays the wrestling is great. I cant fault the guys (girls…well). Its a bit clean and choreagraphed to perfection perhaps, but the matches themselves are good today, its just they dont seem to be interested in really building up to a match. You will get maybe a month of build up at best. In the 2001 episodes they are building for Mania in FEB!

    As for the multiple Show V Henry matches, WTF are they thinking? they have a crowd of superb wrestlers, and they use up airtime with those two, who I LIKE individually (always liked Show and Henry is better than hes ever been, although once again they have abandoned his unstoppable persona, and made him human again, for reasons unknown), but can only ever have one type of match, same as all giant V giant matches….

    So, sorry for wall of text, but this site doesnt require reg, so you all get my opinion. Its not meant to be a rant, bcause I still love WWE wrestling, Im just puzzeld as to why they seem to have forgotten the art of the build and the storyline.

    Id be grateful if anyone knew, or had an opinion on whether they really have bad writers, or the writers are limited by Vince or for whatever reason, or if they just have gone in a totally different direction and actually care not for months of building up heat for an epic confrontation at a PPV.

    I really dont buy that its a lack of talent on the wrestlers part, but if you guys think this is the case, Id still like to hear your opinion.

    Why wont the WWE give us a reason to CARE what happens in these fictional bouts anymore?

  12. -J- says:

    why did they make Natalia fart while in Teddy Long’s office?

    Are the writers smoking crack in meetings?

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