Smackdown SPOILERS

Jan 24, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

courtesy of Don Owens:

Smackdown time, Big Show is out talking about retiring cause he hurt AJ, now Daniel Bryan out talking smack to Show

Cody Rhodes vs Justin Gabriel = Cody wins with Cross Rhodes

Sheamus beat Drew McIntyre, now Epico & Primo beat Yoshi and Santino

Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton. Orton attacked, refs tried stopping it, roster guys came out to try and help stop, Barrett ran and Orton RKO-ed everyone

Hunico vs Ted DiBiase, Hunico won

Brodus Clay squashed Alex Riley

Aksana beat Natalya in a quick roll up, Natalya put sharpshooter on and Tamina made save

Big Show vs Mark Henry, looked liked Henry got hurt. He collapsed to the mat and looked in pain, ref threw up X, Henry rolled out the ring.
Henry got counted out, Daniel Bryan ran in and attacked Show, they scrapped, la Bell lock, broken then WMD. Henry gets up limps to back

Smackdown is over, dark match now Street Fight Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett, Barrett has crappy new music this time

Orton beats Barrett with an RKO in the dark match main event

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