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Former Mid-South star passes away

Former Mid-South worker Savannah Jack (Savannah “Ted” Russell) passed away on Tuesday. The Wrestling Observer reports his age at 63. The former UWF (Universal Wrestling Federation, which was owned by “Cowboy” Bill Watts) television champion had been in poor health due to heart related issues.

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  1. mr.aj.lee says:

    R.I.P even though I never saw any of his stuff it’s still pretty sad to hear that anyone from the sport i love to have passed on. I still respect anyone in the business.

  2. David says:

    It’s not a sport….

  3. matt says:

    the guy is trying to show respect, leave him alone

  4. Joan B. in S.C. says:

    I was just showing my husband a youtube vid of Savannah Jack last week. It was his match against Buddy Roberts where Jack won the UWF television title. Not sure why he didn’t make it bigger in the sport.

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