1/21 ROH on Sinclair Recap

Jan 21, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Ring of Honor on Sinclair 1/21/11
By Cody A. Springer

We open with a video package highlighting the events of Richards vs. Edwards III, where Davey Richards retained his ROH World Championship, then Kevin Steen made his presence felt, telling Richards that he would become the ROH World Champion is 2012.

Intro and then we open to the ring with Nigel and Kevin who talk about the main event, where Kenny King will take on Matt Jackson, where their partners will be in their corners, and Kenny is out for revenge on the Young Bucks for injuring Rhett Titus.

We cut to Mike Mondo’s pre-match promo where he talk about how he will be Eddie Edwards. We then go to Eddie Edwards who says he’s going to work hard to get back into title contention and not make excuses. He says Mike Mondo is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Match #1 –Mike Mondo vs. Eddie Edwards Both men work the arm wringer to start off, Mike gets an early lead, but Eddie battles back with a couple armdrags. Eddie sets Mondo up in the tree of woe and hits a huge dropkick. Mondo can’t get out of the tree, so Eddie walks out of the ring and celebrates wsith fans. Eddie kicks Mondo off and goes for a cover and a two. Mondo with a shoulderbreaker to get back in it, starts going to work on the surgically repaired elbow of Edwards. Mondo with a lot of work on the elbow, bit Eddie battles back. Eddie with a huge chop on Mondo. Mondo goes to charge Edwards, but gets a knee to the face. Eddie puts Mondo in the corner and chops the living hell out of him. Eddie whips Mondo who vaults the turnbuckle and floats over Eddie, hits a falling armbreaker on Edwards. Modno puts Eddie on the top turnbuckle and goes for a superplex, but Eddie does not give. Eddie with a flurry of headbutts that send Mondo off, Edwards with a doublestomp to the back of Mondo, lifts him up and hits the Die Hard for the three. Winner: Eddie Edwards

We return and look at highlights from WGTT vs. The Briscoes at Final Battle, where The Briscoes won the ROH Tag Team Championship once again. We go to WGTT who talk about their loss to The Briscoes. They said they made a rookie mistake by going away from their wrestling games and tried to brawl. Shelton talks about how he’s tired of The Briscoes’ stupidity. Charlie talks about how he doesn’t understand why they’re being made the bad guys, because they beat up the Briscoes and gave them “what they deserve.” Charlie says the fans can go to hell. We go to Jim Cornette who says he doesn’t understand why the people in New York sided with the Briscoes, but it’s their right as fans to cheer and boo whoever they want to, but as for the World’s Greatest Tag Team, Cornette fined the Briscoes when they hit Benjamin with a chair, and they fined WGTT for hitting the Briscoes with a chair at Final Battle. He then states the from now on, there is an automatic $5000 fine for anybody who hits somebody over the head with a chair, because of all of the prolonged damage it does to wrestlers. He says if WGTT wants to really do something for Ring of Honor, they will be part of the solution, not the problem.

We go to the ring where Jim Cornette introduces Dem Boyz from Sandy Fork, Delaware, the Briscoe Brothers. Jay interrupts Cornette asking who gets the fine money. Jay says that The Briscoes should get the money, and that they can line up the whole locker room to give The Briscoes chair shots so they can build a retirement fund. Cornette says that WGTT blames The Briscoes for the hostile reaction they got at Final Battle. Jay says that they can’t control who cheers and boos them, but people just like Dem Boyz because they’ve been real since day one. Cornette says that they have a lot of tough challengers waiting for them, and Jay says to line them all up, and that if they want a piece of the Briscoes, they better be ready to man up. The crowd cheers “Man Up” as ROH goes to commercial.

We return with Ricky Reyes in the ring. Roderick Strong makes his way to the ring with Truth Martini on Michael Elgin’s shoulders.

Match #2 –Ricky Reyes vs. Roderick Strong Ricky with the advantage early on, nailing a huge belly to back suplex for two. Reyes with a running elbow in the corner, sends Strong to the other corner, but Strong sends Reyes into a seated position on the turnbuckle. Strong hits a lungblower from this position. Strong with a gutwrench suplex and two. Strong with a belly to back suplex and a two. Strong leads Reyes up for a German, but Reyes gets out of it by sending Strong into the ropes and rolling Strong up for a two. Reyes with momentum, hitting a flying back elbow and a neckbreaker for two. Strong tries to battle back but gets an elbow and a DDT for his trouble, and a two. Reyes goes for a charge at Strong in the corner, but Reyes eats Strong’s foot. Reyes reverses Strong’s whip in to the corner, and rolls Strong up, but the roll up gets reverse by Strong into a roll up of his own complete with tights pull for the three. Winner: Roderick Strong

We return from break for Inside Ring of Honor. Inside ROH: We go to Final Battle where we recap Kevin Steen winning back his contract with ROH, and in doing so, gave Package Piledrivers to Steve Corino, Jimmy Jacobs and El Generico, who was sent through a table. He blames Jim Cornette for El Generico’s injury. He says three men injured in one night is just the beginning, and in two weeks he will be on ROH TV and tell everybody why he belongs in ROH. We go to The Embassy Limited, where Prince Nana talks about how he made The Embassy a legend. Barrister Evans interrupts and says that focus needs to be Tomasso Ciampa.

We return with Veda Scott interviewing Kyle O’Reilly and Davey Richards, who will be teaming next week against Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander. Davey says that “Team Ambition” will be ready next week. Kyle says that maybe he and Davey will be the new American Wolves. Davey tells Kyle to take things one step at a time.

Back in the arena, Kenny King makes his way to the ring with Rhett Titus. Matt Jackson makes his way out with Nick Jackson. Main Event: Kenny King (All Night Express) vs. Matt Jackson (The Young Bucks) Kenny King with the edge early, very angrily locking up with Matt. Kenny King with a leapfrog and a nice front facelock with knees to the face. Matt up and a suplex by Kenny, who rolls over and mounts punches on Matt. Matt back in with the hammerlock on Kenny, Kenny spins out and mounts Matt again with some ground and pound. Scoop Slam, taunts thhe crowd. Nick sneaks up, but Kenny hops in the ring and vaults over, taking out Nick. Kenny up in time for Matt Jackson to vault over the ropes as well, landing on King. We go to commercial.

We’re back with Matt driving his knee into the face of Kenny King. Matt with a low camel clutch, where Matt also drives his knee into the back of Kenny. Kenny battles out of it, but Matt regaints the advantage. Matt goes for a boot, but Kenny catches him and hits a huge capture suplex. Matt misses with the splash in the corner. Kenny with some lariats, and a complete shot, STO, and standing moonsault, but only two. Kenny goes for a Spinning side slam, but Matt gets out of it. Kenny hits a spinwheel kick and a huge spinebuster for another two. Kenny lifts Matt up over his shoulder, but matt battles out of it. Kenny charges Matt in the corner, who moves out of the way and hits a superkick on Kenny. Matt springboards off and hits a huge springboard cutter on Kenny. Kenny rolls out on the apron. As both men reach their feet, Matt springboards off of one set of ropes, and leaps over the other, driving Kenny’s head on the apron with a DDT! Both men out on the floor, Matt rolls Kenny back in, and covers for two. Matt goes for the 450, but Kenny gets his knees up. Kenny up quickly and hits the coronation, but only two! We go to the outside where Nick has stolen one of Rhett’s crutches. Kenny grabs Matts head and runs him over the ropes, guillotining his neck on the top rope. Matt goes down, and Kenny goes up on the apron. Rhett is arguing with the ref while Nick sneaks over with Rhett’s crutch and nails Kenny as soon as he goes for a springboard. Matt quickly covers Kenny for the three. Winner: Matt Jackson

On the outside, it looks like The Young Bucks are going to attack Rhett, but security makes it out just in time to break it up as Ring of Honor goes off the air.

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