1/14 ROH on Sinclair TV Recap

Jan 19, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Ring of Honor on Sinclair

by Cody A. Springer

Quick Note: The match is heavily annotated to fit TV time, so there will be a lot of “cut to” lines.

This week we’re taking a look at Northern Aggression. More specifically, the eight man tag team elimination match. We start off with Jim Cornette and Kevin Kelly outside of the ring, hyping up the match, and then send it to and interview with the General Manager of the local Sinclair stations. He says ROH is awesome. To pre-match comments, Eddie Edwards, El Generico and WGTT say they’re going to divvy up the 10,000 prize money for winning equally. They say that Generico gets Elgin, Edwards gets Strong, which leaves the Briscoes to WGTT. Cut to the heels, and they argue over the “distributating” of the money. Truth Martini wants 10% for the House of Truth foundation, Briscoes want fifty percent, and Roderick wants fifty percent for himself. In the ring we get introductions and then go to commercial.

We return and start off with Haas. Haas wants a Briscoe. Cut to Eddie and Roderick in the ring. Both men with some arm wringer work, and lots of quick match pleasantries. More cutting and we end up with Elgin and Benjamin in the ring, Jay Briscoe tags in and gets in a shot on Shelton before tagging out. Cut to Jay and Generico, with Generico getting in some basic lucha stuff. Cut to a back and forth between Mark and Eddie, leading to a stalemate, follow by a chop battle. Cut to Roderick getting worked over by Generico, Generico flips over the ropes, but Roderick transitions it into a backbreaker. Cut to Elgin holding Generico in the stalling suplex. Cover and a two. Cut to both Briscoes working over Generico, finished by a human shotput by The Briscoes on Generico. Cut to the Briscoes whipping Generico in to the corner, both try and charge, but get a boot and an elbow. Generico trying so hard to get the tag, but the Briscoes keep getting the better of him. Generico finally tags in both Shelton and Charlie at the same time, and they take it to The Briscoes, leading to the outside of the ring at the 24 minute mark. WGTT slams the Briscoes in to the guard rails. It breaks down in to a huge brawl on the outside by everybody involved in the match. Shelton suplexes Jay on the entryway. Mark hits a cannonball splash on to Charlie off the apron on the outside. After more extensive brawling, the two legal men, Jay Briscoe and Shelton Benjamin are given an ultimatum, get in the ring by the count of ten or both men will be disqualified. We go to commercial.

We return with Jay and Shelton staring each other down, before a battle of fists ensues. Cut to a groin kick on Benjamin. Cut to Elgin and Benjamin battling, a huge powerslam by Elgin for two. Both Briscoes in now, and Benjamin ducks a double clothesline and tags in Charlie, which leads to another huge ringside brawl. Haas gets sent into the guardrail. Another ultimatum by Bobby Cruise, if Haas and Jay don’t get in the ring by ten, they’re DQ’d. Another commercial.

We return with everybody in the ring brawling now. A superkick by Shelton on one of the Briscoes. Generico hits a Michinoku Driver on Elgin. Now all the faces are in a corner with a heel, and each does the count to ten with punches spot, then whip them all in the middle, with a huge collision by all the heels, all the faces stand tall. Cut to the Leap of Faith by WGTT to Jay. Cover and two. Cut to a chairshot by Jay on Shelton. Shelton rolled in the ring and Mark with an elbow off the top and the three. Shelton is eliminated. Charlie picks up a head of steam, but Jay catches him in the back with a kick. Charlie with an Olympic Slam and three. Mark Briscoe is eliminated. Charlie is taunting Jay to get in the ring, but Roderick sneaks up behind him with a kick and three. Haas is eliminated. Haas hits Jay with a chair, and Generico lands the BRAINBUSTAHH~! For three. Jay Briscoe is eliminate. It’s Edwards and Generico left against Elgin and Strong as we go to commercial.

We return. Generico goes for a wheelbarrow, but Strong transitions it in to a backbreaker. Cut to Generico doing the ropewalk DDT on Elgin, except Elgin catches him and hits a powerslam in to the buckle, and then on the mat for two. Generico keeps clotheslining Elgin, but Elgin won’t go down. Elgin finally goes down. Generico sends Elgin flying to the outside. Roderick in and Generico sends him flying to the outside as well. Eddie and Generico both vault over and land on HOT on the outside. Cut to Generico hitting Blue Thunder for two. Generico to the top. Generico jumps for a crossbody but gets caught by Elgin, who hits a TKO for two. Generico on top getting ready for the top rope BRAINBUSTAHH~! Elgin won’t go. Elgin shoves Generico off and hits a flying shoulder block, followed by the spinning sitout powerbomb for three. El Generico is eliminated. Strong sends Edwards back in, and hits him with a clothesline for two. Cut to Roderick stomping Edwards in the corner, cut to Roderick getting forearms in on Eddie, leads to an elbow war. Roderick transitions in to a backbreaker for two. Elgin tagged in, sets Eddie up for a suplex, but Eddie is able to base himself. He catches his feet on the top rope, where Elgin transitions it into a bodyslam hold. Elgin walks out of the corner and hits a modified Razor’s Edge for two. We’re an hour and eight minutes in to the match. Tag to Roderick. Roderick with a flurry of forearm smashes in the corner. Roderick sets Eddie up on top. Roderick goes for a superplex, but Eddie battles back with a flurry of headbutts, which send Roderick off. Eddie hits a huge missile dropkick. Cut to Roderick getting tagged in, both go for a double belly to back suplex, but Eddie lands on his feet. Eddie sends out Elgin and hits an F5 like facebuster for two. Cut to Eddie hitting the backpack stunner and another two. Eddie transitions quickly in to the STF. Cut to a back and forth forearm battle. Eddie goes for the Die Hard, but Roderick slides out and shoves Eddie toward Truth Martini who had just entered the ring. Eddie gets Martini into a half boston crab. Roderick quick with the leaping knee on Eddie. Cover and two. Elgin in, and goes for the Alabama slam. Roderick rolls out, but Elgin manages to roll Eddie in to powerbomb position. Eddie out of it again, and gives a back elbow to Roderick who comes in. Elgin charges Eddie, but Eddie sidesteps sending Elgin in to Strong. Eddie rolls up Elgin and gets the three. Michael Elgin is eliminated. We go to commercial.

We return with Strong and Edwards with a fierce war of fists. Strong goes for a lariat, but Edwards ducks it and hits a belly to back facebuster for two. Strong puts Eddie in the corner and goes for a charge, but Strong gets a boot to the face. Eddie goes up top, and Strong hits an enzuigiri. Strong up and going for a butterfly suplex off the top, but Eddie battles out. Both men battle on top until Strong manages to hit a release uranage on Eddie, sending him through a table on the outside. Todd Sinclair begins his count, and Eddie manages to make it in by 19. Strong quick with the pin but only two. Strong then quickly transitions into the Strong Hold. The crowd chants “please don’t tap.” He doesn’t as Roderick rolls out of the hold to apply it better, only to get rolled up by Eddie for two. Both men back up and Eddie with a lariat. Strong with fists, and a discus punch, another one gets transitioned by Eddie into a German on Strong. Strong with a leaping knee, but Edwards with a lariat and a cover. Only two. Both men up, Eddie in the corner. Strong charges but gets a boot to the face. Eddie up, spots Truth entering the ring, leaps off and hits a DDT on Truth. Strong grabs Eddie and lifts him up on his shoulders, but Eddie slides out into the dragon sleeper! Strong taps.

Winners: Eddie Edwards, El Generico, WGTT
Survivor: Eddie Edwards.
Match time: 1 hour, 20 minutes, 33 seconds

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