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Report by Joe M. & PWInsider


*World champ Daniel Bryan comes out first for a promo. Explains that what the Big Show did last week was a sin and that he pretended to be sorry. The crowd is all over Bryan as a heel. Bryan is awesome in this role. He says AJ put herself in that position because she loves him. He says Show should do the right thing and just quit. Don’t know how this will come off on TV but the crowd hates this guy.

*Cody Rhodes vs. Hornswoggle. Justin Gabriel came out to stick up for Hornswoggle and take his place. Rhodes wins with his finisher.

*Mark Henry is in the back next and spins the wheel. He gets a Lumberjack match. He says Daniel Bryan is next in the Hall of Pain.

*Brodus Clay comes out for a dance off next against Vickie Guerrero. Total heat for Vickie. This woman can’t dance and the crowd is behind Clay. He wins the dance off and Vickie tries to dance again when William Regal comes out and pleads with the people not to laugh at her and escorts her away. Brodus then insults Regal and challenges him to a dance off. Wrestling purists are rolling in their graves. When Regal starts dancing, Clay catches Regal with a splash and dances around the ring.

*Tables match: Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett. After a Jinder Mahal distraction, Barrett puts Sheamus through a table. Mahal attacks Sheamus. Sheamus puts Mahal through a table.

*Ted DiBiase vs. Hunico in a flag match. DiBiase wins after getting the USA flag.

*Teddy Long in the back fires Drew McIntyre. Santino begs for Drew’s job back and challenges him to match. He spins the wheel and gets a Blindfold match. If Drew wins, he keeps his job.

*Santino vs Drew McIntyre blindfold match. It makes Rick Martel vs. Jake Roberts look like Flair vs. Steamboat. Pure comedy. Santino wins with the Cobra. Guess Drew is fired again!

*Lumberjack match next. Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan for the World title. Match goes to no contest after The Lumberjacks attack both guys and Bryan leaves. Henry leaves also while the lumberjacks are fighting Rumble style. Sheamus starts throwing people over the top to show he can win the Rumble. The show ends with Sheamus standing tall in center of ring.

Dark Match:

*Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show in a Cage. Bryan keeps the title after interference from McIntyre and Barrett, who attack Show in the cage. Sheamus comes out to make the save. Show double chokeslams the heels to end the night.

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16 Responses

  1. Jono K says:

    So no title match announced for the RR and Drew is actually fired?

  2. Mackdeezy says:

    Number one, enough with the f’n dancing, that ish is annoying as hell, I’m not talking about Brodus per se, I just don’t want to see dancing. At all, I don’t want to see it on Fox, I don’t even watch E!, and hell, i don’t want to see it on shows branded as wrestling shows, this is a product of PG strict programming, I know Smackdown was always PG but Smackdown was never bad, Smackdown was the same as RAW just with more bleeps, but because they want to appeal to families they really don’t know what to do, they can’t be violent so how do they kill time? Dance. That’s why I cringe when commercial free or 3 hour shows happen, they just fill it with stupid segments or Dancing. Next I suppose the next video game will include a dancing mode -.-

    Number 2, we were behind Bryan becoming champ, so we get rewarded with a heel champ? And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but the crap he’s pulling off, save that crap for TNA and bobby roode, they were doing it first. And people didn’t like it when it first started, why would WWE get the silly notion that they could make it work?

  3. Brian says:

    Enough with the snarky commentary, you mooks.

  4. OstegoAmigo says:


    Number 1, it’s branded as “Sports Entertainment” not wrestling and if you think Smackdown was always PG, you clearly haven’t been watching very long.

    Number 2, What do you want him to be? A monster heel? Yeah, that’s going to go over nicely. BD has always been a great cocky heel. His heel work was infinitely times better than his face fork. Judging from the spoilers, he gets more of a reaction from the crowd as a heel than a face and if you think that TNA and Roode were pulling this kind of role off first, it clearly shows you just started watching. They been doing this type of role when the industry started.

  5. dave says:

    Daniel Bryan works a crowd best as heel, as an arrogant jackass who despite his size thinks he’s the best in the world and he can very well back that up but going against two freaks of nature is tough, it’s a tough booking scenario. He’s going to be facing smaller guys more often than not so despite the guys he’s going against I think he’s doing very well.

    Plus the beard is annoying, so that helps with the heat against him from the fans, maybe…I’m just spouting conjecture in response to Mackdeezy who seems to be looking at things from the wrong angle.

    And the only crap Bryan pulled was mentally torturing Big Show over AJ, that could be seen as a legitimate response if he cared about AJ but it’s not, he’s clearly trying to avoid Show and Henry at all costs but making it seem like he cares…and the way it’s being booked is subtle and well done so the fans are turning against him because he’s not standing there spelling out his evil intentions. It’s smart booking and it proves less is more ala Jericho.

    It seems fans these days want everything drawn out and illustrated for them, like each feud or angle should come with a synopsis.

  6. Adman says:

    Sadly, both shows have lost their way. There seems to be no real thought or purpose put into the angles. The days of angles running for a few months are gone…now angles change weekly…we have no chance to become invested in them. Hopefully this PG crap will eventually subside.

  7. The Wordman says:

    As far as the dancing and “wrestling purists rolling in their graves” & “dancing is a product of PG strict programming”, apparently people aren’t as up on their PROFESSIONAL wrestling history as they think they are. Dancing, comedy, novelty acts have all ben a part of professional wrestling from the very beginning and “wrestling purists” accept it as part of the whole package.

    If Brodus Clay came out as yet another generic monster heel (one of a million), he wouldn’t be getting one-tenth of the buzz he’s getting. The smarks would be posting that he’s boring, we’ve seen it before, he’ll be future endeavored soon. This angle is working because it has people talking, good or bad, the live crowds are enjoying it (not just the kids but the ‘pro wrestling purists’ who still appreciate the whole f’n show and what pro wrestling is truly all about, part athletic event, part show). Plus, it looks like he’s having a hell of a good time doing it and crowds pick up on that. It’s getting him over far more than if he was Generic Monster Heel #2137 and that’s pretty much what it’s all about.

  8. Vendetta says:

    Honestly, I dont like Daniel Bryan, hes good in the ring but his promos are so boring. And people use to say Morrison was bad on the mic, Bryan is just as bad. Now of course people are gonna start talking crap about “how i’m wrong and i dont know what i’m talking about” but this is my opinion and seeing as how everyone else can speak their mind, well so can i. As for Brodus Clay, well this guy was always a joke, only now it really shows lol

  9. o says:

    So, Sheamus gets put through a table and then stands tall at the end of the show?

  10. N. Gaijin says:

    Yep, I’m going to say you’re wrong, because you are.

    Bryan’s promos get a reaction from the audience, which is far more than anyone can say about Morrison. You may find it boring, but you are one person watching at home – there are many, many more people in attendance at the shows and others watching at home who are really getting into what he’s saying, they may not like him but that’s the point. Anytime Morrison promo’d, the crowd was absolutely dead, sure they responded anytime he did a spot, but on the mic, you could pretty much hear crickets chirping. He had no charisma and no intensity. Bryan, on the other hand, while not dripping in charisma, can still ham it up and cut an intense promo when needed. He’s nowhere near the level that Punk is, but he’s far better on the microphone than say Morrison or even Orton.

    While I’m not a fan of a segment devoted to Brodus Clay just dancing, if the fans are into it, it’s working. As other people have said, he went from being a very generic, very boring, very stale stereotypical monster and is now something fun and entertaining to watch. I wasn’t behind the idea initially, but seeing him in the ring, I’ve started to notice how natural a gimmick it is for Clay. He’s having fun in the ring, and it shows. There’s not a point when he’s performing that it feels like he is having to put something on that makes him uncomfortable – what we’re seeing isn’t a character, it’s Brodus Clay. That’s what makes a great gimmick.

  11. TG says:

    Wrestling purists? This is sports entertainment! It’s always been fixed! What’s a purist???

  12. Sandman says:

    Honestly? Bryan better than Orton on the Mic? Bryan is boring on the mic. He sounds stale and he has no gimmick. To me Cody Rhodes is Smackdowns Champion, he’s got a better look gimmick and mic skills. Bryan has great ability in the ring, and great ability to get me to change channel when he grabs a mic

  13. matt says:

    Bryan is in no way better than orton on the mic. Orton as a heel got huge heat when on the mic, he still gets reactions now. Bryan is a great wrestler but he’s not a main eventer for me.

  14. Sheamus….yawn, a guy who looks like a lame CAW from any video game.

  15. N. Gaijin says:

    Orton himself has admitted he’s not all that great on the microphone. The only time he’s remotely interesting is when he’s heeling it up in a very angry way, as opposed to his usual dull monotone. Even then, he tends to botch it up for whatever reason. Orton gets his heat mostly from presence, not charisma. I used Orton’s name largely because he DOES NOT set the bar very high in terms of being an interesting promo. That being said, Bryan isn’t anywhere near the best as doing promos, but he knows how to get the audience to turn on him. I will agree that Cody Rhodes is a much better promo than Bryan, but Rhodes is definitely one of the more entertaining mic workers in WWe since his “disfigured” gimmick onwards.

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