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Ole Anderson calls WWE’s Hall of Fame a “Joke”

Mike Mooneyham interviewed Ole Anderson after the announcement that the Four Horsemen would be inducted into the WWE hall of fame, but not include himself from the original line up:

“Vince McMahon hates my guts, and I don’t like him. So that’s all there is to it,” Ole Anderson said.

Anderson said he couldn’t make the Hall of Fame anyway due to his health.

He called the WWE Hall of Fame a “joke.”

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  1. Paul Carter says:

    Truer words could not have been spoken. McMahon SUCKS!!!!!!

  2. -J- says:

    who cares its really more like the 12 horsemen over the years…lets induct all of them.

  3. Common Cents says:

    @j even Chris Benoit? actually if you look at the pro football hall of fame you have guys that have killed people[OJ Simpson] and just pure trash[Lawrence Taylor] that have not been taken out for their indiscretions, so why not?

  4. ted says:

    Fake hall of fame for fake sports entertainment. Roh, new japan, noah,that’s real wrestling!

  5. Ian says:

    I couldnt agree more with Ole…hell Windham wasn’t even a member of the 2nd incarnation, Luger was there before Windham and left to team with his friend Windham who ended up turning on him and joining the Horsemen.

    @Ted…ROH isn’t anymore real than WWE is.

  6. Kerry says:

    The version with Windham was the most successful as far as holding titles & most over at the time, plus that particular group was Flair’s favorite version which is why they appeared on RAW when he left WWE. In any case, I agree with Ole 100%.

  7. Hush says:

    Ian has a really good point. Even though Windham was part of the most successful horsemen era, the fact is he was part of the 3rd incarnation so you might as well induct all of them whether they deserve it or not. I hate saying that because one of the last thing I want to see in that case is Paul Roma with an HOF ring. The whole thing is asinine simply because of 20 year old bad blood

  8. Rex Anderson says:

    I swear I knew this idea should have never have been done

  9. TG says:

    Amen, @mr.aj.lee. The majority of Internet fans are interesting. Let’s bash WWE nonstop, but ignore the fact that if there were no WWE there would be no ROH, TNA, etc. The HOF may be a joke, but like you say, it is the only one that matters. It is the only one on TV. It is the only one that really means anything, like it or not.

  10. Kerry says:

    Take into account that the WWE doesn’t even consider themselves professional wrestling, they are an entertainment company that promotes “sports entertainment” so it DOESN’T matter to those of us who are wrestling fans & it doesn’t really mean anything.

  11. Dave K says:

    I think WWE went with the 1st best choice. Ole is bitter and the bad blood between he and Vince would have had Ole thumbing his nose at the whole thing anyway. They wouldn’t put Lex in there, I don’t think, due to his ties (allegedly) to the death of Miss Elizabeth. So Windham was the next best choice. There is Vince’s side, Ole’s side and the truth somewhere in the middle.

  12. Kyle Christie says:

    The HOF is going to have stop for a while soon like it did before or lower the amount to 3 people getting inducted. They inducted alot of people that could have been the main guy or “1st ballot Hall Of Famer”.

  13. Urvy says:

    I agree with Mr. AJ Lee, the marks need to stop whining. Owen isn’t in the hOF because of bad blood between Martha Hart and the WWE (she won’t just let go her grudge) or Warrior (Money reasons).

  14. _I\/I_ says:

    The WWE IS a joke.

  15. Chris James says:

    Says keyboard tough guy over here ^ he’s saying it’s a joke but he’s reading about them. Complete idiot…

  16. Sheila says:

    First of all I can’t stand Luger so I’m not defending him but why do people always blame him for Miss Elizabeth’s death. She was a grown woman with a mind of her own who made some poor choices leading to her tragic death. Lex was just one of her poor choices

  17. RJ Ace says:

    This is the issue you run into when inducting a stable. The Horsemen are the greatest group in pro wrestling history but there were some guys in the group that don’t belong in the HOF. Is WWE going to induct the NWO? If you do then think of every guy that ever was a member. Vincent? Scott Norton? Buff Bagwell? If WWE just inducted Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, and Barry Windham as seperate wrestlers, there wouldn’t as heated of a debate. I don’t have an issue with inducting teams IF that is what they’re most famous for. The Blackjacks for instance are most famous for their work as a tag team. The Funks on the other hand both had great singles careers so they should have gotten their own induction.

  18. james says:

    You all are idiots who don’t no a thing or two about wrestling i bet none of you people who write on this even works you guys probabaly don’t know the difference between a incline bench to a decline bench idiots.

  19. RJ Ace says:

    @James- Before you decide to troll, learn some spelling and grammar first jackass.

  20. Dave K says:

    RJ, you’re right. James is an asshat. Those of us that do work, support ourselves, have our own money for things like going to wrestling events and a little thing called the internet that you’re reading this on and are proud to voice our opinions as opposed to someone apparently oblivious to reality due to living in your parent’s basement. I have followed wrestling since the early 80’s when I grew up watching AWA and Mid-South. Then it grew into NWA Mid-Atlantic, NWA in general, a bit of Japan, then turned more to WWF, before really enjoying the Monday Night Wars between WCW and WWE. I’m sure there are others that have watched just as long, if not longer, and while we aren’t “in the biz”, I think we are pretty damn knowledgeable.

    And Sheila, you’re right. Liz was a grown woman able to make her own decisions. Lex was someone that came along at the wrong time and presented a bad option. Did he make her do it? Highly doubtful. But had he not been there, it would’ve worked out differently. Of course, we will never know the inside workings of that situation.

  21. matt says:

    hate to break it to you ted, but all pro wrestling is scripted. one isnt more real then the other

  22. Thatoneguy says:

    sting,malenko and anyone else that vince has’nt killed yet.

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