FCW TV Taping Spoilers

Jan 13, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Credit: Richard Trionfo and PWInsider

On Thursday night, Florida Championship Wrestling had their latest television taping where they filmed the next three episodes of television. Because I have not seen any confirmation from anyone who attended the alleged taping on December 22nd, I do not know the dates they will air at this time.

In a dark match, Jason Jordan defeated Sakamoto with a version of a Ki Krusher.

First Episode

Your announcers are William Regal and Chris Russo.

Match Number One: Kenneth Cameron defeated Calvin Raines with a spinning sit out jawbreaker.

Match Number Two: Rick Victor and FCW Heavyweight Champion Leo Kruger defeated Mike Dalton and Xavier Woods when Victor pinned Dalton after a Tiger Driver.

They show a segment in the back where Leo Kruger checks on Aksana, who was crying.

Abraham Washington and James Bronson are in Maxine’s office. Maxine and Abraham compare notes on their work as the General Manager in FCW. Maxine offers Washington a job as the assistant to the General Manager. Washington felt insulted.

Byron Saxton is in the ring and he introduces former two time FCW Champion Bo Rotundo. They mention that Bo has been cleared to wrestle again after being out with a lacerated kidney. Bo reminds everyone that he did not lose the title, but it was stripped from his due to injury.

Bo is interrupted by FCW Champion Leo Kruger, who is accompanied by Aksana. Leo tells Bo that he has to start from the bottom because Bo is not going to be handed a title shot.

Antonio Cesaro comes out and he talks about how he used to be a fan of the United States, but when he moved to the United States he was disappointed.

Big E Langston comes out to protect the honor of the United States.

Match Number Three: Antonio Cesaro defeated Big E Langston by submission when he choked out Langston.

Match Number Four: Richie Steamboat defeated FCW 15 Champion Damien Sandow to become the new FCW 15 Champion winning the match two falls to none. Steamboat got the first pinfall about four minutes into the match after a super kick. It appeared that Sandow was going to tie the match and earn a draw and retain the title with about ten seconds left with an inside cradle, but Steamboat reverses to get the two fall advantage.

End of First Episode.

Second Episode

Your announcers are William Regal and Byron Saxton

Match Number One: Audrey Marie and Kaitlyn defeated Sofia Cortez and FCW Divas Champion and Queen of FCW Raquel Diaz when Audrey pinned Sofia with a rollup and Backlund bridge.

Damien Sandow comes out and he demands his spotlight. He congratulates Richie Steamboat on his victory last week. He says he wants another match against Steamboat, but it does not have to be for the FCW 15 Title. He wants to make sure that Steamboat does not live up to his potential and he vows to maim Steamboat.

Match Number Two: Corey Graves and Eli Cottonwood defeated FCW Tag Team Champions Brad Maddox and Briley Pierce in a Non Title Match when Cottonwood pinned Pierce after a choke slam.

We go to Dr. Bronson’s office where Abraham Washington thinks he is getting his psychological evaluation done for his job as Assistant to the General Manager, but it is not that type of examination. Bronson gets out the plastic glove for a more invasive examination.

Match Number Three: Leakee defeated Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in a Triple Threat Match to determine the Number One Contender for the FCW Heavyweight Title when Leakee pinned Ambrose with the spinning bulldog.

We go to the production booth where William Regal is showing one of the new Divas some of the controls and he was getting a bit closer to this woman when Maxine walked in and she was not happy with Regal. Maxine told Regal that she wanted to see him in her office.

Match Number Four: Bo Rotundo defeated Nick Rogers with a spear.

Damien Sandow came out and demanded his spotlight. He tells everyone to enjoy this match because it will be the last time that you will see Richie Steamboat.

Match Number Five: Richie Steamboat defeated Damien Sandow by disqualification after Sandow knocked out Steamboat with the turnbuckle.

End of Episode Two

Episode Three

Your announcers are Byron Saxton, Chris Russo, and William Regal

Match Number One: Husky Harris defeated Colin Cassady with a back senton splash.

Rob Naylor and a blonde Diva come out to the interview area and she talks about how she is going to put together the greatest group of talent. This brings out FCW General Manager Maxine and Norman Smiley and she tells both of them to leave.

Match Number Two: Mike Dalton defeated Rick Victor when he counters a Tiger Driver with a rana.

Match Number Three: FCW Divas Champion and Queen of FCW Raquel Diaz defeated Audrey Marie to retain the FCW Divas Title when Diaz got her shoulder up before the three count on a rollup when Audrey also had her shoulders on the mat.

Match Number Four: Antonio Cesaro defeated Marcus Owens by submission with a choke.

After the match, Cesaro wants to know what he has to do to prove himself. He says that what happened in this match will happen time after time after time after time after time after time until he gets FCW gold.

Match Number Five: FCW Champion Leo Kruger defeated Leakee to retain the FCW Championship when Kruger used the turnbuckles to bridge on a sleeper from Leakee to get the three count.

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