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Poll results: Should Batista be inducted into the GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame?

Should Batista be inducted into the GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame?

No (73%, 1,366 Votes)
Yes (27%, 502 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,868

As a result, Batista will not be inducted into the GERWECK.NET hall of fame. Batista’s scored the lowest percent of Yes votes in the history of GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame balloting.


Talent % Month of voting
Chris Benoit 62% December 2007
Triple H 65% June 2008
Lita 57% October 2008
Honky Tonk Man 64% March 2009
Scott Hall 55% June 2009
Demolition 64% September 2009
Ultimate Warrior 47% November 2009
Bill Goldberg 47% December 2009
Earl Hebner 47% February 2010
Rey Mysterio 56% December 2010
Brian Pillman 66% October 2011
Rob Van Dam 66% May 2011
Jeff Jarrett 54% November 2011
Batista 27% January 2012

The GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame is intended to include the elite members of the wrestling community that deserve to be inducted into a prestigious hall of fame without prejudice or politics. Areas of consideration for induction should include (but not be limited to) a wrestler’s drawing power, wrestling ability, impact or influences on the business, longevity, and passion/drive for the industry. Non-in ring performers (such as promoters, announcers, referees, etc.) should also be judged by a similar criterion, based on the highest standards for their areas. Remember, this is not a popularity contest. This hall of fame will only include the best of the best. Readers should e-mail with names of candidates worthy of consideration. The name with the highest number of suggestions will be considered for voting the following month. Thus, twelve names will be considered per year, and the number of inductees for the year is totally up to the GERWECK.NET readers. If a subject doesn’t qualify for induction, he or she will remain off the consideration list for twelve months. If a subject receives 70% or higher, he or she will be inducted.

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10 Responses

  1. rebel says:

    No surprise here. How was he “worthy of consideration”?

  2. Dale Gibble says:

    Wow, Nash was inducted but Hall was not.

  3. Alex says:

    Triple H needs to be reconsidered.

  4. Radar says:

    Earl Hebner needs to be reconsidered as well. what other ref is more known more then Earl Hebner

  5. Bumbolee says:

    That’s pretty bad when a ref gets more votes.

  6. X-Pac says:

    Triple H needs to be reconsidered.

    I think Scott Hall, Demolition & Rey Mysterio should both be in also.

  7. Sheila says:

    Definitely Triple H needs to be reconsidered. People need to vote based on their careers not their perception of who these people are. The wrestlers that have made names for themselves all say that he is highly respected and his talent is undeniable. The only ones I hear complaining are the never wases.

  8. SDBland says:

    Lets please reconsider Triple H

  9. mmggirl says:

    Anyone else notice that this was pulled before the month was even halfway over?

  10. b says:


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