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Impact SPOILERS for Thursday

Mickie James b Madison Rayne in a cage match

Bobby Roode does an interview saying he’s done with Jeff Hardy after Genesis. He told Hardy to come out and shake his hand. Sting instead came out and ordered Roode vs. Hardy for the title as the TV main event.

Matt Morgan & Crimson b Robbie E & Robbie T -Post match saw Samoa Joe & Magnus attack Morgan & Crimson

There is a segment with Eric & Garett Bischoff. They traded insults until Garett threw his father in the corner

ODB b Winter

A.J. Styles wanted to know why Kazarian did what he did. Kazarian came out and said he didn’t have an answer as to why. Christopher Daniels came out as well. Styles and Daniels fought with Kazarian trying to play peacemaker and he pulled Daniels out of the ring.

James Storm wanted a rematch with Kurt Angle. Angle said he beat Storm and is moving on now that he’s the No. 1 contender for the title. Sting came out and ordered an Angle vs. Storm match for the No. 1 contendership.

Storm b Angle

Roode NC Hardy. Hardy had Roode pinned but Bully Ray pulled the ref out of the ring


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3 Responses

  1. rob says:

    nothing like burying angle to storm – again and again.

    plus – it’s ridiculous that they order ppv rematches the night after… isn’t the ppv supposed to be the climax in a story arc?

  2. Ian says:

    @Rob, have you paid any attention to WWE…they have the same matches for like 3 PPVs in a row…back in the day when there were only the BIG 5 PPVs in WWE yes PPVs were a culmination of major feuds but as soon as WCW went to monthly PPVs they became just another show…IMO.

    Also Angle beat Storm at the PPV and he is going to be training for the Olympics…I personally love the fact that a major veteran is willing to put over a newer guy in singles action.

    I love that they are keeping Joe and Magnus together and they are continuing their run and a feud with Crimson/Morgan.

    I love that we are going to get Storm-Roode in what should be a long feud…Roode has been built up as a really good heel champions while Storm has been built up as a legit contender.

  3. Nobody puts Bischoff in the corner [/dirty dancing]

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