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How much is Cena worth to WWE?

WWE says Cena was a $106 million retail brand in 2010.

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  1. Mark says:

    about the same as Spongebob Square Pants. Same fans

  2. dave says:

    I buy that statistic for 2010 but I would bet that 2011 wasn’t as profitable and 2012 will further decline but that is the nature of the business. Cena will always draw and it’s really hard to define a wrestlers value to a company, unless they can ascertain just how many fans at any given WWE event paid to purely see Cena. No-one can argue with his merchandise sales though.

    (Gate receipts and PPV buys were used to calculate Cena’s worth. Which makes this statement null and void in my opinion)

  3. The Wordman says:

    Dave, I’m pretty sure that when they say ‘retail brand’, they are referring mainly to marketing merchandise. Gate receipts and PPV buys are a whole other category. I also see Cena’s merchandise sales increasing in 2012 for the simple reason that the Cena haters will be buying the anti-Cena merchandise. Even if it’s marketed as anti-Cena, at the end of the day it all goes down in the ledger book under his name. By bringing out the anti-Cena stuff, the WWE is guaranteeing that his net worth will more than likely go up significantly. It is a brilliant financial move by WWE to capitalize on the pro and anti-Cena feelings and Vinnie Mac is laughing all the way to the bank.

  4. dave says:

    I guess I got my info wrong but I did read on another site that it included PPV buys and gate receipts. Retail brand would mean merchandise though so you may be right.

    It will be interesting to see just how much anti-cena shirts impact upon his sales and worth, though.

    I wouldn’t purchase one because I’m not anti-cena but I’m neither pro-cena. I respect him a lot of he’s a great performer whatever anyone thinks but he’s just Cena, doing the same thing as usual. But his worth and exposure over the next few months will be at it’s pinnacle but after Mania? That’s where WWE creative has to get, well creative.

  5. -J- says:

    How much was Rock or Austin worth in their day?

  6. dooman says:

    overpriced and overrated but thats the power vince has even a no talent bum like this fool can be a star

  7. M. J. Wright says:

    That’s why you need to trademark yourself if your in the business. For $400 you can own your name, catchphrases and then WWE has to license them from you in order to make $$!

  8. Gaul says:

    @-J-, I’d be curious to know what Rock and Austin were worth as well and even Hogan for that matter. I’d also like to the know what second place would be for 2010.

    @dooman, you’re not giving Cena any of his much deserved credit. He’s gotten stale, that’s hard to argue, but he is certainly worth his value and works his ass off.

    @M.J. Wright, generally they would just change your name to something they own. Of course there are a few exceptions (CM Punk), unless they use your real name, along with some loopholes (Christian Cage, Team 3D).

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