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Report: WWE’s network launch delayed is reporting that the word backstage at Raw earlier tonight was that WWE is pushing the WWE Network’s debut back until the fall. The original launch was April 1st, although the company never officially announced the date.

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  1. Ceasar says:

    Can we say xfl

  2. chris says:

    Can we say u don’t actually know

  3. Deathedge says:

    Well, atleast now not ALL of Wrestlemania will be dedicated to Rock-Cena and the premier of the WWE Network.

  4. dave says:

    I’m confident that the fall season is a prime time to launch any network as they do with TV shows. So a rumour online said they wanted to launch on Mania day and it’s gospel? Maybe there was talk of a WMania launch but who knows.

    I would have thought they could have tried a free weekend experience of the network over Mania weekend. But maybe that would’ve been pointless and impossible to do.

  5. says:

    Now I have to prepare myself for an even longer season of NXT, lawls!

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