GENESIS: Morgan/Crimson vs. Joe/Magnus (TNA Tag Titles)

Jan 8, 2012 - by Adam Martin

TNA Tag Team Championships
Matt Morgan and Crimson (c’s) vs. Samoa Joe and Magnus

We start with Matt Morgan and Samoa Joe. Joe attempts a series of shoulder blocks and Morgan stays up. The two exchange shots. Joe with a huge kick to the back of the head. Morgan fires back with a huge clothesline. Joe jumps right back up. Tag to Crimson. Tag to Magnus. The two exchange shots in the corner. Crimson with knees to the face followed by a neckbreaker. Tag to Morgan who connects with his elbows to the face in the corner. Tag to Joe who plants Crimson in the corner. Joe with some jabs to Crimson, tag to Magnus, snapmare and Magnus drops an elbow. Magnus works over Crimson on the mat. Tag to Joe who hits a snapmare, kick to the back and knee to the chest. Joe cuts off a Crimson comeback with a back elbow and tags Magnus back in. Magnus with a quick clothesline on Crimson. Tag to Joe who hits a back splash over Crimson. During the match, we see Bully Ray attacking Abyss backstage. Joe works over Crimson in the corner and face washes him with his boot. Crimson then fires back with a big spear. Tag to Magnus who jumps at Morgan, Morgan catches him and connects with a fallaway slam. Morgan takes out Joe as well who charges in. Morgan splashes Magnus and plants him in the middle of the ring. Joe with a flying forearm that takes out Crimson on the outside. Crimson drives Joe face first into the steel steps. In the ring, Magnus counters a chokeslam attempt. Crimson and Morgan then hit a double chokeslam on Magnus. Morgan covers for the win.

Winners and still TNA Tag Team Champions: Matt Morgan and Crimson

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with James Storm. Storm puts his cowboy hat and glasses on JB wanting to turn the tides. Storm interviews JB about “facing” Kurt Angle tonight. He talks about believing how he can beat Angle for the third time tonight.

A video package runs hyping Kurt Angle vs. James Storm.

* Kurt Angle vs. James Storm is up next.

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