Savio Vega returns to Puerto Rico

Jan 7, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

From Manuel O. González:

On the first segment of the WWC TV show, there was a presentation of Banderas and Carlito contract signing, with Commissioners Hector Gonzalez and Ismael Fernandez Van Brackel. They had a brief discussion where Banderas said he never lost the Universal Title. Carlito replied he left for another promotion and then later he won the title. They argue a while.

When seemed that they will attack the other, Banderas received a telephone call. He left. Then next segment showed Savio Vega telling Banderas that he must show them that their Euphoria must turn into their Hysteria (the names of their respective January shows ).

So seems that once again that Savio hea reached any kind of deals with WWC.

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