1/6 WWC results from Ponce (featuring former WWE talent)

Jan 7, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

from Manuel O. González:

WWC held their first 2012 event, the first show of their EUPHORIA tour, at the Salvador Dijols Arena at Ponce. Havoc from the WWC Forum reported the action as follow:

a-Show opened with Alvin & The Chipmunks shows for the kids.

1-Bolo The Red Bulldog defeated A J Castillo.

2-Huracan Castillo defeated Diabolico by DQ. Diabolico was pinning the Castillo but was using the ropes, but referee Wilo Figueroa saw him and stopped the count. Diabolico get angry and pushed Figueroa who called the bell for a DQ.

3-Invader 1 pinned Chicky Starr. Action all over tha place ended when Invader missed a move and landed over the referee. Chicky Starr took advanced and tried to used a loaded glove but there Invader surprised him with a roll up to win the match.

4-Kenny Dykstra defeated Carlitos when low blowed him.

5-The Maximo Brothers & Mr. Big defeated Los Fugitivos (Niche & Lynx) & Johnny Ringo. Good action ended when Niche climb the top rope and one of the Brothers pushed him. Then The Maximo Brothers applied a move on Niche, who ended being pinned by one of Los Maximos.

6-Blue Demon Jr. defeated Chavo Guerrero. Chavo went for the frog splash but Demon moved and Chavo landed on the mat. Then Demon applied a Tiger Bomb to end the match.

7-The Precious One Gildert defeated Carlito Caribbean Cool. Carlito dominated the first segment off the match. Chicky Starr entertained Carlito so Gilbert took advantage and basically a two vs. one match since there. Starr passed Wally (his baseball bat) to Gilbert, but referee saw that and took iout from Gilbert hands. Carlito took advantage and applied the back stabber, but Starr put one of Gilbert feet on the rope. Starr interfered once again causing distraction to Carlito, so Gilbert applied the rock bottom to Carlito to win the match.

Carlito aplica Backstabber y cubre pero Chciky coloca una de las piernas de Gilbert sobre las sogas para detener el conteo. Chicky nuevamente interviene y causa que Carlito desvíe su atención hacia el. Gilbert aprovecha la distracción para conectar fondo del abismo a Carlito y cubrirlo para el conteo.

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