Charlie Haas on why he and Shelton Benjamin chose ROH

Jan 6, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck


Charlie Haas was on Hit the Ropes Radio last night. Haas was on to “collect” the HTR Ropey award for Tag Team of the Year as voted by the readers/listeners.

Some of what was talked about is below:

Why he and Shelton Benjamin chose ROH

It was pretty simple. We wanted to go as a tag team and where else better is there in tag team wrestling than Ring of Honor? I really firmly believe that Ring of Honor is more about professional wrestling; they can give a crap less about entertainment or sports entertainment. Jim Cornette is probably one of the best bookers and has a great mind for it… ROH is the place to be if you want to professionally wrestle, if you want to be a professional wrestler not an entertainer. It’s the only place I can think of right now in the world where the tag team championships mean something… Plus it’s a great, great place where Shelton and I to showcase our wrestling talents. It’s something we weren’t allowed to do really in WWE. We were kinda held back.

Charlie also stated that he would like to retire once he’s done with ROH and possibly work backstage with them as an agent or something. Also spoke about his home life, favorite place to wrestle, fan interaction, and remembering GlamaHaas.

The entire show can be heard here or downloaded on iTunes.

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