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Update on the launch of the WWE Network

Internally, there is a push to delay the tentative date of April 1st for the launch of the WWE Network. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the potential delay is based on a lack of clearances at this point, and they don’t want to debut it with so few that it comes across like a flop right out of the gate. The only programming locked in is still the Legends House show.

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  1. Urvy says:

    I think it is a wise move to postpone the launch, that way, so things won’t be bare bones other than one show.

  2. xLx says:

    shit just start shoving old shows out of the back catalog. Hell, Cablevision willing I’m going to have it day one, I’m just looking forward to seeing smackdown from 2000 again.

  3. Will Henderson says:

    i bet the WWE may have no choice but to buy out an existing channel from NBC Universal, i say the WWE buys out G4TV.

  4. Brian says:

    This will be a worse idea than the XFL for WWE. As much as I would love to watch See No Evil, The Marine, and Summer Slam 1994 on a 24/7 loop, this just has disaster written all over it.

  5. stephan says:

    Wwe network. Better not have. No pg. S***

  6. chris says:

    A Nieghbor of mine whose family has worked for Time Warner for years was telling me that there are grumblings that TW may not carry the network at all.

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