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Update on the launch of the WWE Network

Internally, there is a push to delay the tentative date of April 1st for the launch of the WWE Network. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the potential delay is based on a lack of clearances at this point, and they don’t want to debut it with so few that it comes across like a flop right out of the gate. The only programming locked in is still the Legends House show.

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  1. Urvy says:

    I think it is a wise move to postpone the launch, that way, so things won’t be bare bones other than one show.

  2. Will Henderson says:

    i bet the WWE may have no choice but to buy out an existing channel from NBC Universal, i say the WWE buys out G4TV.

  3. Brian says:

    This will be a worse idea than the XFL for WWE. As much as I would love to watch See No Evil, The Marine, and Summer Slam 1994 on a 24/7 loop, this just has disaster written all over it.

  4. stephan says:

    Wwe network. Better not have. No pg. S***

  5. chris says:

    A Nieghbor of mine whose family has worked for Time Warner for years was telling me that there are grumblings that TW may not carry the network at all.

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