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Video: Chris Jericho returns on Raw

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  1. -J- says:

    people were pumped then got weirded out and bummed, great return lol.

  2. Simon says:

    Seems like WWE creative cannot even come up with 2 hours worth of material any more. I know people will say it’s a brilliant way to build his character and build suspension but watching him do nothing for 10 minutes last night was dull. I really don’t think it achieved as much as some people are claiming.

    and to those who said they liked it I ask, would you be happy if he did the exact same thing next week? It’s the kind of thing the WWE creative “geniuses” would pull. The sooner this feud with Punk gets started the better, one week has now been lost, please tell me this isn’t because they couldn’t think of enough content to fill all the shows up to Wrestlemania.

    Great to have Y2J back though and when this feud does get going I think RAW will be a much better show to watch.

  3. shep says:

    doe anybody have any thoughts on who or what the “girl” represents??

  4. -J- says:

    Maybe the girl represents “wrestling” or “reality” and she called him back to set the record straight about who is the best in the world etc. etc. but who knows with WWE…could be Mae Youn.

    btw notice how jericho looked disgusted before he walked backstage…played the crowd now he can mock them for being so easily manipulated.

  5. Bumbolee says:

    @J – It could be that (probably is) or it could be he it was an actual look of disgust because that crowd was weird and dead.

  6. Billy says:

    If you all werent so negative all the time that wasnt the worst show ever……..the first hour was pretty much building up the return of jericho which everyone knew…..punk loses to ziggler was just to give him some1 to face at rumble…….jericho isnt returning for punk right now he will win the rumble…the girl in my view represents stephanie who is bringing him back to claim what is his…. he made the crowd do what he wanted and then laughed at them there is so much more to this than you all think….could even all be linked to kane a stable of former wwe stars returning to take what is theres the WWE there may be more returns very soon

  7. james says:

    Obviously it is a way to turn Jericho, and it was meant to look like an awkward return. In a few weeks it will all make sense I’m sure.

  8. Yoda Wolf says:

    I want a no DQ match @ Wrestlemania with Vince McMahon, if I win then I take control of WWE & half of his money, if I lose then no one would see me in a wrestling ring again nor would you see me @ a wrestling event.

  9. Joey says:

    I find it hard to believe it’s Stephanie, she’s kind of a filthy, dirty, disgusting, brutal, vile, bottom-feeding, trash bag tramp

  10. dave says:

    This was genius. You’re all talking about it and speculating and I’m intrigued.

    Just genius, Jericho has been playing up for the net over the last few months and now he’s back, he didn’t even address the crowd, it was a simple mockery.

    I can see where Billy is coming from but I don’t think that is it but at least you’re thinking about it.

    The girl represents nothing, it’s a red herring more than likely and as for a group stable thing, I think it’s unlikely.

  11. HodizX58 says:

    Come on Chris say something. It’s almost like he was waiting for someone else to come out or someone missed thier cue to disrupt his return glory. Whatever it was it was certainly unproductive in any story line. But maybe he won’t be the big mouth horses ass like he has been the past. Maybe him dropping the mic was symbolic of him turning over a new leaf and becoming a more focused and less narcissisitic wrestler..perhaps.

  12. And people love bashing TNA for fun. These idiots can’t think of a fresh idea if it no sold an RKO!

  13. N. Gaijin says:

    If people would think about this for just a few minutes, maybe they’d get it. I have to admit, initially the whole thing left a very bitter taste in my mouth, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized this was probably the only way Jericho could effectively return as a heel. If he came out and did the same Nick Bockwinkel/Anton Chigurh shtick, the crowd would have just cheered him on anyway. Coming out the way he did and just leading the crowd on, I think was a pretty brilliant way of messing around with them and at the same time effectively returning in a heel fashion. I think it will be awhile yet before Jericho involves himself at all with Punk because he doesn’t want to overshadow the current rivalry between Punk and Ziggler. Chances are he will instead bide his time until Royal Rumble and cost Punk the title against Ziggler then. From there, they can continue to build the feud through Elimination Chamber and onto WM 28.

    As for the little girl in the promo vids, I’m beginning to doubt she meant anything, really. Every theory I’ve heard regarding who she is sounds pretty much like total asspull in an attempt to make sense of it. As dave said, it’s most likely she was just a red herring to seed the doubt of it not being Jericho.

  14. Heidenreich's Poem says:

    Chris Jericho, BEST in the WORLD.

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