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Latest update on Chris Jericho’s return

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Chris Jericho will be working full-time on the road on the WWE schedule starting shortly. Jericho is booked on the Raw brand tour in California the following week and regularly on Raw from that point forward.

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  1. kent says:

    smh such a hypocrite and he said he was done with wwe

  2. Flex armstrong says:

    So u mad because he came back?? Thats not being hypocritical his return was suppose to be a suprise but people just have to know every thing in advance that was very classy of him not feeding I into it

  3. Da King says:

    Clearly said that to throw people off.

  4. N. Gaijin says:

    Jericho’s a consummate professional and believes in “protecting the business”, if that comes at the expense of a few marks’ sensitive feelings, so be it. He also hates being cheered as a heel, hence why he did what he did on RAW.

  5. mshelez says:

    I think that once you become a face at any point, you will get fans and some of those fans will stand by you whether you are face or heel. I know I will stand by Jericho, Miz, Punk, Ziggler, Ryder, Bryan and Show whether they are faces or heels. I think Jericho is going to have to really do something underhanded and dastardly for the crowd to turn against him. Even if he ends up going against Punk at some point, I think the crowd will be more for Jericho than Punk, although I’m hoping I’m wrong on that one.

  6. dave says:

    I think he got the reaction he wanted because there were boos from the crowd and the IWC went nuts, some were so pissed and bemused they’re still fuming today. He got what he wanted.

  7. Captain Ass says:

    Jericho is a perfect face OR heel. He knows how to work the crowd either way. He is a kayfabe man and I respect his decision not to purposely tell anyone or lead on that he was coming back. The thing is, I knew he was, because as much as he tried to debunk the videos, tried to say he wasn’t watching Raw, saying that he was “cloned” with that airport pic from Memphis, said that he was “done” with WWE, it was all too much and too obvious at that point. Essentially, with all of his responses, he put the speculation to rest, at least in my eyes. He catered to the people who were foolish enough to believe him, and based on the crowd’s initial response when the fireworks went off and the music hit, he fooled a majority of the people there. Smart man.

  8. -J- says:

    lol at people being mad at him.

  9. Rex Anderson says:

    Im pissed, I thought it was Papa Shango

  10. Rex Anderson says:

    Or Kevin Nash as Oz with Hornswoggle as the Great wizard.

  11. RJ Ace says:

    LOL at Kent. Get a life dude.

  12. sewageofyouth says:

    Jericho is heel. That much is for certain… I’m wondering who the “she” in the promo. I’m hoping it’s Lita but that’s a long shot.

  13. hunter says:

    i hope this return is a heel role, ive been watching jericho since 1996, his heel side is have more staying power and he can bring heat like noone else

  14. jon says:

    While watching him ham it up with the crowd for several minutes, smiling like a chesire cat, i thought to myself and my dad, who was watching agreed.. he’s gonna be a heel. There’s no doubt in my mind at all. I kept thinking ok chris, i’m waiting for it.. it never came tho. I think the reason he didnt talk is because as mentioned, he doesnt like being cheered as a heel, i was waiting for the “YOU STUPID MORONIC MEEK PEOPLE, CHEER ME UPON MY RETURN” type promo but i think it’s coming. They need heels, outside of, who? name a heel in wwe really thats any good at being a heel, you got 2 guys, ziggler and rhodes who have the ability but outside of them i cant think of one heel. Kane is supposed to be heel too i suppose. A lot of faces, both champs plus ryder orton and cena,and those faces could be stronger faces with more and stronger heels. Jericho,Ziggler,Cody,Del RIO ( dont like him tho, not heel don’t like but he’s boring),Xian (when he’s back). that’s a few good heels now Jericho,Xian vs Punk,Bryan would be a great main event on raw.

  15. mshelez says:

    Miz is a very good heel, too. Let’s not forget him. I was at MSG last week and he was nothing but booed out there.

  16. Damian says:

    Wade Barrett is a good heel.

    Sheamus was too but now he’s being under utilized as a face.

  17. N. Gaijin says:

    Miz is such a good heel, he’s hated by “smarks”, mshelez. He’s seriously underrated right now, this program he’s starting with Truth is going to be great.

  18. Cody T. says:


    It’s called kayfabe and seperating yourself from the company so marks like you believe he never would wrestle for WWE again.

  19. silenzi says:

    Long shot but i think that the she in the video can be Layla El.

    Or the promo vids wasnt for Jericho but for Undertaker and McCool . mmm

  20. says:

    The guy is beyond stale, have not found him entertaining since his first heel turn in World Championship Wrestling, lawls!

  21. Jon says:



    OR she could and this is a long shot if there ever was..

    sara del rey.

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