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Overeem comments on Lesnar’s retirement

Overeem after beating Lesnar at UFC 141:

I don’t think Lesnar should walk away. He is a guy who goes for it and he achieved a lot in a short span.

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  1. ted says:

    Yea ufc is real not fake like wwe and brock got his ass kicked

  2. Ian says:

    @ted…before making ignorant statements how bout remembering the facts…and the fact is that he had a major intestinal infection that he twice battled and had fecal matter leaking into his intestines which he also lost part of his intestine…he is a legit bad ass and had some good fights in him…he was getting better but a major illness got in his way…i’m sure that kick to the stomach hurt much worse after his surgery than it normally would…I am sick and tired of people ripping on him…he got in there and fought top HWs in UFC…are you getting in there…he didn’t have to come back after his illness, he also didn’t have to fight after Overeem failed to show for a mandatory urine test and the fight could have been called off, but Lesnar said no.

  3. Chris James says:

    Lesnar has more balls than most ‘bad boys’ In the UFC. If you get the reference…

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