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Photo: Blue Meanie posed in front of the ECW Arena

Blue Meanie posted the photo on Facebook, writing – I took this pic today outside the building that made me who I am…..

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  1. Alex says:


  2. Rex Anderson says:

    The Blue Meanie Tebowing to the ECW Arena

  3. He should have taken that pic in front of McDonalds then…

  4. dave says:

    JBL was hiding in the U-Haul van

  5. steve says:

    Get over it dude, you sucked then and you suck now. You were never anything.

  6. chill out steve…this was something meaningful to him and other ecw alumni whether they’re famous or not.

  7. ThePreston says:

    Hey steve, i normally don’t like to ask this but… mad bro?

  8. Tony says:

    Ha, a Tea-Meanie! I miss the BWO- the Blue Boy should go to TNA, find Stevie Richards and Nova and put the band back together!

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