Fifi the Maid gives behind the scenes details on Flair for the Gold

Dec 29, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck


She’s traded in her feather duster for a microphone and since then, WCW’s Fifi the Maid from “Flair For The Gold” fame, Wendy Barlow, has been rattling cages all over the wrestling business with her audio show – “Club For The Gold.”. And entertainment fans from all over will want to hear this one.

Wendy’s 48 minute audio with James Guttman focuses on tons of topics including Wendy’s Recent Bad Experience As a Referee, Predictions For Ric Flair in 2012, Some Stinging Predictions For Cliff Compton and CM Punk, The Arn Anderson-Sid Scissors Incident, Vader’s Mask, Her Plans For a Tell-All Book, The WWE Champion Who Won’t Be Happy With It, Appearing In The Three Stooges Movie, The WWE Network, TNA Freshening Up WWE Stars, Filming TV’s Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale, Glory Days of WCW, Matt Hardy, Scotty Riggs, and More For a full list of topics, head to:

For up to the minute information on all the latest guests, articles, and information posted on World Wrestling Insanity, you can join our Facebook Fan Page at: and follow us on Twitter @ClubWWI members know that “Club For The Gold” is a takeoff on the famous Ric Flair WCW talk show “Flair For The Gold”, which introduced the world to the beautiful Wendy “Fifi” Barlow. James Guttman and Wendy have discussed many moments from the talk show during her ClubWWI audio appearances from the Shockmaster to Rick Rude, but there are even more out there that even Fifi hasn’t thought about much in years…that is until she came across them on Youtube. As she tells James…

“You’ll notice that I have finally found a lot of old Flair For The Golds somehow, every now and then somewhere they pop up. And each one has an interesting story.”

Wendy has been posting many videos on her Facebook fan page ( and James has been adding them to the Youtube player. One infamous edition was Sting’s arrival where Barlow and a group of children were supposed to come in to meet the Stinger. Unfortunately, timing is the key and the future Joker Crow was not happy.

“I found the Sting one of “The Flair For The Gold”. You really can’t tell that he was so annoyed that he flipped out after the end of the show and somebody got fired because they cued me and the kid in too early. Of course, he wasn’t mad at me. It was the person who cued us in. I had no idea what was going on. It was hilarious. To me, it was funny. But then someone got fired – so that wasn’t.”

Fifi isn’t the only host with a history on Flair For The Gold. The controversial host of Glorious also had a memorable experience there when he was chosen to replace Tully Blanchard in the New Horsemen. It was another episode Wendy recently found and she tells Guttman that tension was in the air.

“Also there was the one where the Four Horsemen were being reunited with your buddy…Yeah. Paul Roma. What was really funny about it is that the two – Ole Anderson and Arn Anderson – come walking out. If you listen to it, Ric is like “OK. Go sit with the girls.” Then they go, “We’re going to head over with Fifi.” They just never do anything he tells them to do in the show. So that was hilarious. There was another funny story behind that…and I’ll put that in my book.”

As Barlow discusses her book plans, she promises excitement. Unlike, well, Max Payne. As Fifi explains to members, even a “Flair For The Gold” had some pretty boring guests.

“There’s the Max Payne one where he plays the guitar. We’re sitting there and I remember Ric just wasn’t into it. And if you watch the show, Max Payne is still out there hammering away and still playing the guitar. Ric and I are just totally walking off the set going, “We’re done. This is horrible.” (laughs) It was so bad! Oh my God.”

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