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Big Show’s title reign officially the shortest?

The shortest major world title reign in World Wrestling history was The Big Show’s from the TLC show, as he was pinned 1:52 after he pinned Mark Henry. Jeff Hardy did a similar deal but it was 3:09 between him winning the title and losing to Edge.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. SawVI says:

    What about Dolph Ziggler?

  2. andy says:

    @ SawVI

    They had a 10 minute title rematch

  3. Gazz says:

    Had the title of the article not said “major title” I would have said Trish Stratus surely had the shortest title reign when she retired as Women’s champion, but if we’re talking WWE/WH championships, what about Andre the Giant/Million $ Man back in the mid 80’s?

  4. Gaul says:

    At least having the shortest reing ever is more memorable than a meaningless 1 month reign or any of Jack Swaggers reigns!

  5. Jay S says:

    What about Andre The Giant after he surrendered the title to DiBiase??? Also what about Yokozuna at Wrestlemania 9 ??? I think Meltzer better get a better stopwatch. I believe Andre still holds the record…
    Someone should do a check..

  6. Discount-double-check says:

    What about Big Zeke and the ECW title?

  7. ThePreston says:


    @Gaul while i agree that shortest reign may be more “memorable” than a 1 month reign or any of Jack Swagger’s (ouch again!) call them “meaningless” is a little contradictory, no?

  8. JD Storm says:

    to answer Jay S., i believe Yokozuna’s reign lasted 2:12. don’t know how long Andre held the title.

  9. Mike says:

    cm punk cashing in on jeff hardy wasn’t long either

  10. Stijn says:

    Don’t get me wrong, i like that Daniel Bryan has the title since i love the guy for his in-ring talent however it still bothers me the way they (WWE) played it out. I’m still under the impression that the match couldn’t have been started while Big Show was still down…I always feared DB would be the first to unsuccessfully cash-in, but the fact that the match got started with Big Show down on the mat is just wrong in my opinion. I actually was expecting that at the next Smackdown show they (Teddy Long) would adress the situation and give it back to Big Show for the time being and giving the briefcase back to DB. Since that didn’t happen, gonna have to live with it now :-)

  11. Fisha695 says:

    Shane Douglas dumping the NWA World Title, (which technically it was him vacating it and not loosing it) was pretty short too (would’ve been shorter without the promo he did)… But I guess that doesn’t really count because the WWE doesn’t own the NWA yet haha.

  12. Gaul says:

    @ThePreston, Ok maybe meaningless wasn’t the right word. Perhaps unmemorable or easily forgettable is more accurate. It was meant more tongue in cheek, either way.

  13. Tony says:

    Well I just you-tubed Andre vs Hogan and I clock his reign in at 1:40-ish. Does WWE have an actual list anywhere?

  14. Eric says:

    @ Gaul and @ThePreston Jack Swagger it doesn’t help when you taking two minutes trying to get the belt off the hook in a ladder match is the most people remember about your reign as champ.

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