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Chris Jericho’s latest claim

Chris Jericho posted the following last night on Twitter…

“Sick of all the questions so this is it…from now on I’m not answering anymore wrestling related questions. I’m done w WWE. Deal with it.”

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  1. Jay S says:

    See ya’ on Jan. 2nd!!!!

  2. Alex says:

    We find out in one week

  3. RJ Ace says:

    See ya next Monday Chris.

  4. -J- says:

    break 4th the wall down

  5. Fisha695 says:

    He is done, done finalizing the contract.

  6. bob holly says:

    I can’t wait for next week so all of you can see that the return ISN’T Jericho and that all of this is serious.

  7. david r. says:

    I hope that it is Y2J, but I am also curious to see the egg on some people’s face if it isn’t him. I’m not gonna make a prediction, just gonna wait it out.

  8. Rex Anderson says:

    You know its funny, that when you see him at Johnny Rockets he will tell you that he is still a WWE Superstar, but when it comes to actual wrestling related issues then he’s not. Meh only time will tell. For those of you that may not know, Johnny Rockets is a burger joint, that how he got so called “buff”

  9. Kerry says:

    Boy, Chris Irvine is so polite & approachable to his fans. LMAO!

  10. I think its shane mcmahon.

  11. Fisha695 says:

    Since the first video I’ve said it’d be nice to see it be Shane (with Steph when the girl appeared) just for a little “Takeover” nostalgia… But I doubt that’s gonna happen.

  12. -J- says:

    its paul heyman.

  13. Brad Hoy says:

    Didn’t John Lauriniatis say it was Brodus Clay that was returning on the 2nd? Or is that just another storyline?

  14. Ramon says:

    im DONE with wwe… DEAL with it = DONE DEAL perhaps?

  15. ThePreston says:


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