Jabroni of the Week for week ending December 23, 2011

Dec 23, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Plural this week – the Jabronis of the week – TMZ

Earlier this week, TMZ posted a story that former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura was pulled over in California for tailgating. According to the now removed piece, TMZ reported, Law enforcement sources tell us, Jesse was pulled over for tailgating deep in the San Fernando Valley on his way to the airport. When cops asked why he was driving so close to the other vehicle, Jesse replied … damn driver was going way too slow.


Ventura called into the Alex Jones radio show on Wednesday to set the record the straight. Ventura stated that he had not been in California since July. Ventura stated that his lawyer was looking into the matter, and would consider a lawsuit against the tabloid site.

Ventura refuses to fly due to the treatment he has received from the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), despite being a former Navy Seal serving his country in the Vietnam war, serving his community as a mayor, and later serving the state of Minnesota as Governor. His court case was dismissed after the judge presiding over the case postponed her decision until it was too late for the WWE hall of famer to even file an appeal. Ventura’s hit TV series “Conspiracy Theory” had an episode yanked due to pressure from the government. The pulled episode featured Ventura exposing the rise of the police state and the existence of FEMMA camps. After being rebuked by the government, the courts, its now time to be smeared by the “media.” Ventura has been a rabid supporter of Ron Paul, and has said he would consider being his running mate if Rep. Paul would leave the Republican party.

Governor Ventura is a patriot, and simply deserves better.

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