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Update on the ECW Arena

The ECW arena in Philadelphia will be shutdown on February 1st for extensive renovations.  The last scheduled wrestling will be a CZW-EVOLVE double header on January 14th.

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  1. Hans says:

    glad that it isn’t being shut down

  2. M. J. Wright says:

    Glad Also. A little inside info however. Apparently the new owners have been trying to purchase the Forman Mills clothing building for a few years to expand the arena. Any old school ECW followers will remember that there was a dollar store and viking hall next door to the double duece bingo hall (before it became the arena. ECW Bought out those bulidings and expanded the arena. The Forman mills purchase fell through twice as the location is still there. I hope the new owners will realize that NO CONCERT or Musical performance has EVER DRAWN A DIME there in that building! I remember a Mase rap concert a few years ago that drew like 150 people, despite promoting on radio and everything. Alot of Nay sayers say its past its time, but its not! If they want to keep making money, they need to keep wrestling in that building.

  3. -J- says:

    That place has seen so many awesome moments.

  4. echo says:

    @M.J. I imagine the concert failure was partly because nobody wants to go that far, to that neighborhood, to a venue that’s unheard of for music when there’s so many better venues for that in Center City, NoLibs, and South Street.

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