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News on R-Truth and Jesse Neal

– From Stephanie: Bookings and appearances for Jesse Neal are now being accepted by contacting Stephanie Melvin via email at Jesse Neal flies out of Orlando, FL.

– R-Truth’s 30-day suspension ends today.

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  1. mshelez says:

    Truth is listed for December 27 at MSG. I really hope he will be there. I want him to call me a little jimmy. lol

  2. James says:

    Don’t what me!

    Got to hand it to R-Truth though. He has great in-ring ability and he’s funny on the mic.

  3. Beast says:

    YESSSS!!! LOL R-TRUTH!!!! “The happy go lucky Little jimmy and all”

  4. Criss Brian says:

    Man, Truths 30 days seemed to end a lot faster than Evan Bourne’s

  5. Kerry says:

    So, will R-Truth turn face again & look for revenge on The Miz?

  6. They better keep truth a heel, i love heel truth!
    If he’s face, is he going to gather up the little jimmy crowd and attack miz?

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