What happened after Raw?

Dec 20, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Source: Sean Cohen & PWInsider

After Raw went off the air, each champion celebrated around the ring with their respective titles. Daniel Bryan stood on the guard rail while holding up the World Title. Zack Ryder stood in front of some people in the front row who had a nice Ryder sign. Then CM Punk stood on the announcer’s table while holding the WWE Belt over his head. Afterwards, all three men walked up the ramp and then posed with their belts. Post Raw Dark Match:

John Cena beat Kane by DQ after Kane smashed Cena with a steel chair. After the match, Kane chokeslammed Cena and then walked up the ramp. Kane looked back at Cena and returned to the ring to attempt a Tombstone. Cena escaped and hits Kane with the A-Double to send the fans home happy.

After Kane left the ring, Cena grabs the mic and wishes the WWE Universe a Happy Holiday.

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