Video: CM Punk talks TLC, ECW Arena closing, Twitter, more

Dec 20, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

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Brian Soscia of The Soscia Network on Mix 106.1 in Philly continues his unparalleled access to some of the biggest names in wrestling. CM Punk stopped by for a “CM Punk Christmas” complete w/ Soscia giving him gifts from other WWE stars live on the air. See what Punk’s reactions were as he unwraps his Christmas gifts! To watch the interview:

@THEBrianSoscia on Twitter

We talk about :

-The recent TLC PPV
-How he feels about the ECW Arena closing it’s doors to wrestling?
-What hooked him and made him love wrestling?
-What do the four stars on his tights stand for?
-How it feels to go from being a huge fan to the WWE champ
-What did his parents think about his career choice?
-What are Sgt. Slaughter’s thoughts on his GI Joe Tattoos?
-As a kid, how did he feel about Slaughter becoming and Iraqi sympathizer?
-Who does he want at Wrestlemania?
-Why not Austin this year and when does he want that match to happen?
-Does he ever get nervous before a match?
-His opinion on what it means being a top guy.
-The broken hand he has been wrestling with for a month and a half.
-The really story behind his run-in w/ Tony Atlas in developmental.

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