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Early 2012 WWE PPV schedule

Early WWE PPV schedule for early 2012:

– January 29th – Royal Rumble in St. Louis, MO
– February 19th – Elimination Chamber in Milwaukee, WI
– April 1st – WrestleMania in Miami, FL
– April – Extreme Rules in Chicago, IL (likely the 22nd or 29th)
– May 20th – Over The Limit in Raleigh, NC
– Money in the Bank is scheduled for June, in Las Vegas, NV


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  1. Ray Sanders says:

    Dear god please let us have the best PPV of the year here in Vegas.

  2. RAWISWAR says:

    They shouldn’t have 13 PPV’s a year they should have 6 of them at most. Makes them more interesting and allows for better build ups. Also with that we can go back to when the title’s were defended on Raw again which made it an all around better show.

  3. trevor bournemouth says:

    i truly think that wwe should stick with only 6 ppv build them up to main something again
    1-Royal Rumble
    4-Survival Series with a drop of Fatal 4-Way thrown in to change the format a little
    5-Elimination Chamber
    6-Money in the Bank

    with King of the Ring being on either Raw or Smaskdown and Cyber Sunday either being a Raw or Smaskdown show too

    okay maybe 8-Tables Ladders and Chair plus Hell In a Cell or No Out Out

  4. Hipnosis says:

    WWE needs to stop having 2 PPV’s a month -_-

  5. Apex says:

    I think the format should be like this…

    Royal Rumble (jan)
    No Way Out (feb)
    Wrestlemania (apr)
    King of the Ring (jun)
    Summerslam (aug)
    No Mercy (oct)
    Survivor Series (nov)

    maybe a december pay-per-view like armageddon again?

    I also think they need to unify the two titles and make everything one brand again with two shows like it was when smackdown first came out

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