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Video: Daniel Bryan wins the World title at TLC

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  1. Drew says:

    Barret, Rhodes, and Hunico would all be great opponents.

  2. Mackdeezy says:

    While its good he won, i kinda wanted him to stick to his word, about cashing in at mania

  3. TheQuietLion says:

    That’s a terrible way for a face to win the big one; esp. in Bryan’s case. I wish they would have waited until WM myself.

  4. cold says:

    It’s unexpected thats the beauty of the Money In the Bank Briefcase, Other than the Miz(who had Alex Riley Parade around with it), most MITB winners fly under the Radar until they strike!

    By constantly declaring that he’d wait until Wrestlemania to Cash it in DB took the spotlight off of himself, throw in a failed attempt to cash in, and the infamous losing streak he had earlier this year, and you have someone who is easily overlooked.

  5. cas says:

    my gut is telling me that he is going to be a transitional champ. i hate to even say it but i think with CM on a tear, Cena is making his way to smackdown for the title. i like how it was done, DB cashing in at WM in a straight match would have made him the first to lose MITB cash in. now if he holds it for a month or two he can earn a real main event at WM…probably a triple threat or against cole lol

  6. N. Gaijin says:

    I hate to be the guy to point this out, but isn’t this victory just as invalid as the one he had against Mark Henry? That’s what is kind of nagging at me right now. He cashes in on Mark Henry not long ago, gets told the victory doesn’t count because he was unconscious, but then they turn around and have him do the same thing with Show not long afterwards. Whose idea was this? Wouldn’t it have worked just as well to have Show recover from the attack by Henry, only for DBD to cash-in and kick Show’s fucking head in? Sigh, I just really hope they continue forward with this, pulling the title away from Bryan again for the same reason is just going to make him look stupid.

    Despite my concerns, I’m truly happy Daniel Bryan is champ. I would’ve preferred he cash it in at Mania, where it would’ve meant so much more (why would he need to win at WM? He’d be in the ME… I mean damn, that’s awesome), but the fact that someone in the back believes enough in Bryan to put the title on him means something. Lets all hope he gets a fair shake, and doesn’t wind up just dropping the title at Elimination Chamber.

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