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Report: Kevin Nash injured at TLC is reporting…

“With the impact of the sledgehammer, Kevin sustained multiple contusions over his body,” Dr. Amann said. “Of most significance was a nasal fracture he sustained when he was struck in the face by the implement.”

Based on diagnoses made at a Baltimore medical facility Nash was rushed to following the match, the former WWE Champion will require at least six weeks without contact. During that time, he will likely be required to wear a brace to protect his nose while it heals.

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  1. Alex says:

    Kevin Glass.

  2. Drew says:

    The WWE should not have put a man of this age, size, and shape into a match like this. That is just injury after injury waiting to happen.

  3. Ian says:

    Is anyone really surprised that Nash got injured…I mean seriously this guy should be no where near a wrestling ring let alone competing in a match…he gets injured walking to the ring.

  4. Sean B says:

    @J, Maybe not. Nash parcticly injured himself walking to the ring in TNA time after time.

  5. Captain Ass says:

    @ Drew, if it was his final match, we know why they did it.

  6. ThePreston says:

    umm sorry, but i could SWEAR i posted this earlier today:

    “I think he’s in pretty decent shape imo.. and i’d take anything “wwe reports” with a grain of salt these’s most likely a work just to end the feud with HHH and take him off tv for a while-or permanent, if he does indeed choose to retire.”

  7. Hipnosis says:

    Kevin Nash….UN-SEXY


    He’ll come to the ring putting paper bags over peoples heads now :)

  8. Matt says:

    He’s said he was fine and Nash is not as fragile as a lot of the internet likes to pretend

  9. RJ Ace says:

    LOL WWE didn’t even try to make this look like a legit injury and some of you guys are still buying it.

  10. Silenzi says:

    I loved the match at TLC so great to see Kevin Nash and Triple H again. Nash was really great. I can bet that this is a work and that hell be away a little while and then he returns to feud with Triple H.

  11. cold says:

    too late for a Cody Rhodes joke?

  12. Webster says:

    Contusions: loosely defined as “bruises.” So, basically, he got hit with something. Like a sledgehammer. Work.

    Nasal fracture: broken nose. Probably not a work, but probably not from the sledgehammer. Whatever. Put him in a mask or let him fade into the sunset.

  13. Daniel says:

    It’s a work. Does no one remember that is kayfabe now? They announced that years ago that it would be all kayfabe.

  14. Saint Savage says:

    Probably Hall of Fame bound.

  15. Chris James says:


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