WWE TLC: Triple H vs. Kevin Nash (Sledgehammer Ladder Match)

Dec 18, 2011 - by Adam Martin

Booker T's music hits and he makes his way out. Cody Rhodes attacks him from behind for the second time tonight. WWE referee staff and trainers come out attending to Booker and sending Rhodes to the back. Booker is helped to his feet and taken to the back.

A video package runs highlighting Triple H vs. Kevin Nash.

Sledgehammer Ladder Match
Triple H vs. Kevin Nash

The bell rings and Triple H goes on the attack with right hands. Nash with a quick knee and elbows to Triple H in the corner. Nash shows his strength tossing Triple H with ease into another corner landing big knees. Triple H sends Nash out through the ropes and grabs a ladder. Nash with a boot to the side of Triple H. Nash grabs the ladder and hits Triple H in the head with it. Nash tosses the ladder inside the ring. Triple H jumps up on the announce table, crotch chops at Nash and then jumps off hitting a clothesline. Triple H sends Nash over the guard railing into the crowd. When Triple H runs at Nash, Nash gets an elbow up and Triple H goes down. Triple H sends Nash face first into the steel ring post. Back in the ring, Triple H grabs a ladder and starts hitting Nash with it. Triple H drives the ladder down over the knee of Nash. Triple H puts Nash's legs in the ladder and then locks on a Figure Four. Nash screams out in pain. Nash gets back to his feet somehow and launches Triple H into a ladder setup in the corner. Triple H bounces off the ladder and out of the ring hitting the ladder with huge force. More shots from Nash to Triple H on the outside. Back in the ring, Nash gives Triple H a side slam over the top of a ladder. Nash sets up a ladder on the bottom rope and catapults Triple H face first into it. Nash clears the announce table and looks to give Triple H a Jacknife Powerbomb over it when Triple H counters executing a back suplex on Nash. The table stays intact when Nash hits the table. Triple H rolls back in and is setting up the big ladder under the sledgehammer. Triple H climbs up. Nash cuts him off and drops him with a big forearm. Nash tosses the ladder into the corner, sends Triple H into it, Triple H bounces off and Nash gives him a chokeslam. Nash pulls out a table from under the ring and tosses it in. Nash sets up the table and drops the straps. Triple H pushes Nash into the ladder against the corner. Triple H sets the ladder up under the sledgehammer once more. Nash is back in. Triple H has his hand on the sledgehammer. Nash is climbing up the other side. Nash with right hands. Triple H hits Nash in the head with the sledgehammer. Nash falls off the ladder and crashes through the table. Triple H unhooks the sledgehammer. Nash fights to his feet using the ropes. Triple H with shots to the knee and body of Nash using the sledgehammer. Triple H tosses the ladder out. Triple H tosses the sledgehammer aside and gives Nash a Pedigree. Triple H grabs the sledgehammer and looks down at Nash. Nash sits up making the Kliq sign with his fingers. Triple H crotch chops at Nash and then hits him in the head with the sledgehammer. Triple H covers Nash for the win.

Winner: Triple H

After the match, EMT officials come down with a stretcher. Nash is strapped in and put on the stretcher.

Backstage, Matt Striker is with WWE Champion CM Punk. Footage is shown of The Miz and Alberto Del Rio attacking him on Raw. Punk mocks Del Rio and Miz. He talks about being more disgusted with John Laurinaitis accepting his Slammy Award on his behalf. Laurinaitis walks up and lets Punk know he mailed his award, but it may take long due to the holiday season. Punk insults Laurinaitis some more. Laurinaitis says he will be the bigger man – and says he is taller than Punk after all. He wishes Punk good luck tonight. Punk says luck is for losers. Laurinaitis begins texting.

* Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger is up next.

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