WWE TLC: Punk vs. Miz vs. Del Rio (WWE Title – TLC Match)

Dec 18, 2011 - by Adam Martin

WWE Championship – TLC Match
CM Punk (c) vs. The Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez

Loud “CM PUNK” chant breaks out as The Miz and Alberto Del Rio look out in disgust. The bell rings and Punk fights off both Miz and Del Rio. Miz and Del Rio become too much for Punk working him over against the ropes. Punk with dropkicks to Miz and Del Rio. Miz and Del Rio drop Punk off the top rope. Miz and Del Rio with a double suplex on Punk. On the outside, the alliance comes to an end as Del Rio cracks a chair over the back of Miz. Del Rio grabs a small ladder and Punk connects with a suicide dive into the ladder. Punk then drops the small ladder over Del Rio once more. Punk tosses Miz in and Punk brings in a chair. Miz with kicks to the face of Punk and then drives the chair into Punk's stomach. Miz sets up the chair, jumps off, misses a splash and Punk connects with a knee to Miz's jaw. Punk looks to bulldog Miz over the chair, but Miz counters and drops Punk's head off the chair. The chair has a huge dent in it. Miz attempts a Skull Crushing Finale on Del Rio on the outside. Del Rio counters and gives Miz a back body drop over a ladder. Del Rio grabs a big ladder and Punk kicks it into his face. Punk with a neckbreaker on Del Rio on the outside. Punk with kicks to Miz and then drives a chair in his stomach. Punk cracks the chair off Miz's back repeatedly. Punk puts Miz on top of the guard railing and puts his foot inside a chair set up. Punk with a high knee to the jaw of Miz sending Miz into the crowd. Punk sets up a tall ladder in the ring and starts climbing. Ricardo Rodriguez jumps in and handcuffs Punk to the ladder. Del Rio jumps in kicking away at Punk. Punk fights back tripping away the ladder and launching Del Rio over it. Punk frees the handcuff from the ladder when Miz comes in when a ladder hitting away at Punk with it. Miz sets the ladder up under the WWE Championship hanging high above. Miz is climbing when Punk pulls him down. Miz counters a GTS attempt. Punk with shoulder blocks to Miz in the corner and then tosses him out to the ring apron. Punk is pulling Miz up to the top turnbuckle when Del Rio springboards up and takes out Punk with a kick. Punk falls back and crashes through a table at ringside. Del Rio grabs Miz and tosses him over a table and starts hitting him repeatedly with a chair. Del Rio puts a ladder over Miz, pulls his arm through and applies an armbar. Miz screams out in pain. Del Rio grabs two chairs and heads back to where Punk is at still over the table wreckage. Del Rio puts one chair over Punk's chest and cracks the other chair over it repeatedly. Del Rio locks an armbar on Punk pulling back on the handcuffs. Back in the ring, Del Rio sets a ladder up under the title. Del Rio climbs and has his hand on the title. Punk and Miz push the ladder over and Del Rio crotches himself on the top rope. Punk and Miz exchange right hands. Double clothesline by both Punk and Miz. Ricardo is now climbing up the ladder. He gets near the top when Punk and Miz tip the ladder over. Ricardo crashes through a table at ringside. Punk with headbutts to Miz. Miz drops Punk in the corner and handcuffs Punk to the corner. Miz smiles and Punk realizes he has no where to go. Miz mocks Punk standing near him not within arms reach. Punk then catches Miz with a kick to the head. Punk is working away at the corner trying to free himself. Del Rio is back in with a small ladder. Miz is back up with a bigger ladder. Punk breaks free dropping the second ropes down. Punk jumps up with Miz and Del Rio. Miz is down. Punk kicks Del Rio. Del Rio is down. Miz is shaking the ladder. Punk falls down. Punk pulls Miz down and hits the GTS. Miz falls to the outside. Punk is climbing and gets the title.

Winner and still WWE Champion: CM Punk

After the match, CM Punk sits on top of the ladder and holds up the WWE Championship. We see a series of highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Punk continues the celebration as we go off the air.

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