WWE TLC: Mark Henry vs. Big Show (World Title – Chairs Match)

Dec 18, 2011 - by Adam Martin

WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Chairs Match
Mark Henry (c) vs. The Big Show

Lilian Garica did ring introductions for the challenger The Big Show and champion Mark Henry.

The bell rings and Big Show bails tossing tons of chairs in the ring. Henry swats away the chairs as they fly by him. Big Show returns to the ring filled with chairs. Henry slowly walks out getting near the camera, “You out your mind. This ain't happening. Give me my title.” Henry is handed his title and starts walking off. Henry tries a belt shot on Big Show when he chases him down. Big Show ducks and lights up Henry with a chair. Big Show with body shots to Henry. Henry responds with a big knee and sends Big Show into the steel steps. Henry cracks a chair over the back of Big Show. Henry then drops Big Show's right hand off the steel steps. Both have chairs and crack them together. Big Show is favoring his right hand. Henry cracks the chair against Big Show's body and then drops it over his chest. Henry yells out, “Welcome to the Hall of Pain!” Big Show with body shots, but favors his right hand each time it connects with Henry's body. Henry knocks away Big Show's hand during a chokeslam attempt. Henry walks up swinging a chair and Big Show catches him with a right hand. Henry is out. Big Show favors his hand. Big Show turns Henry over and gets the pinfall.

Winner and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion: The Big Show

After the match, Big Show tosses the title over his shoulder when Mark Henry hits him in the leg with a chair. Henry gives Big Show a DDT over a pile of chairs on the mat.

Daniel Bryan's music hits. Bryan cashes in his “Money in the Bank” briefcase.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
The Big Show (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

Bryan immediately hooks the leg of Big Show and the referee counts the pinfall.

Winner and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Daniel Bryan

After the match, Daniel Bryan grabs the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and stands over Michael Cole on top of the announce table. Bryan looks into the camera and thanks anyone who has supported him during his career. Bryan continues to celebrate as a shocked Big Show looks on from the middle of the ring.

A promo for the WWE Network runs.

We are shown footage from earlier tonight of Cody Rhodes attacking Booker T and Rhodes attacking Booker a second time later in the night. Backstage, Josh Mathews is with Booker T. Mathews says Booker has nothing to prove. Booker says he isn't “going out like some sucka” and promises to finish things tonight.

* Cody Rhodes defending the WWE Intercontinental Championship against Booker T is up next.

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