WWE TLC: Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Kelly Kelly (WWE Divas Title)

Dec 18, 2011 - by Adam Martin

WWE Divas Championship
Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Kelly Kelly

The bell rings and Beth is giving Kelly a free shot to slap her. Beth then goes for a slap, misses and Kelly catches her with a big slap. Kelly dumps Beth to the outside and kicks her away through the ropes. Kelly with a bulldog on Beth off the ring apron. Kelly back flips up and starts choking Beth with her boots. Kelly with her tilt-a-whirl takedown on Beth. Beth lifts Kelly up and drops her off the top rope. Beth starts dropping elbows to the side of Kelly. Beth then stands over Kelly on the bottom rope applying pressure. Beth then launches Kelly to the middle of the ring. Beth with a camel clutch. The camera mic is picking up everything Beth is saying – not good. Kelly with a quick rollup after Beth's command. Kelly tosses Beth's face off the mat repeatedly. Beth slams Kelly with force down over the mat. Three pinfall attempts and Kelly kicks out each time. Beth misses a top rope leg drop. Kelly counters out of a Glam Slam. Beth then comes back dropping Kelly with the Electric Chair. Beth rolls over and gets the cover.

Winner and still WWE Divas Champion: Beth Phoenix

Backstage, Alberto Del Rio is yelling at Ricardo Rodriguez telling him to go get food. The Miz walks up wanting to make one thing clear. He talks about how when they both took out CM Punk on Raw, it was for the greater good and that no such alliance exists when the bell rings. Del Rio says he isn't stupid and says there wasn't an alliance in the first place. He adds that he was just using The Miz. Miz insults Del Rio's title reign saying he didn't accomplish as much as he did. Ricardo walks back up with a plate of food and Miz puts it in his face. Del Rio then pushes Ricardo down.

A promo for WWE Royal Rumble on Sunday, January 29 airs.

Footage is shown of the Army National Guard from Maryland wishing everyone a Happy Holiday.

* Cody Rhodes defending the WWE Intercontinental Championship against Booker T is up next.

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