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WWE selling John ‘Cena Sucks’ T-Shirts reports that WWE starting selling a new “Cena Sucks” t-shirt at the weekend house show events.

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  1. Sean B says:

    Man, how lond before its on I want one

  2. Kerry says:

    Are they getting ready to turn him heel?

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Capitalism at its finest.

  4. -J- says:

    they are finally capitalizing on the anti-cena fans.

  5. dooman says:

    well its true

  6. Cody T. says:

    @Kerry Uh…no. It’s simply another smart business move by Vince to draw more money. That shirt, if it goes on shop, will sell faster than any other apparel item they have ever had.

  7. RJ Ace says:

    Lol buy a Cena Sucks shirt and put more money into Cena’s bank account.

  8. hahahahahahahahaha…its more money for them but they ain’t turning him heel

  9. Joey says:

    Sounds like it could be in the same vein as the John Cena vs Zach Ryder match: see how well it sells to those who do dislike Cena. I just like how, if he does turn, it’s a more gradual than the usual product these days.

  10. -J- says:

    that heel turn will be huge if it happens, just have him snap no more mr nice guy.

  11. Radar says:

    we saw the punk shirts sell quick this shirt is goin to sell even faster

  12. Eric says:

    The main fans I can’t stand are Dens haters… The man does so much for this business and gets hated for it. “He has five moves” does anyone remember Kevin Nash? how about Hulk Hogan? Cdma has more moves than them put together.. nobody remembers for two years when all Orton would do was kick, punch, on the ropes ddt and rko? Come on.. they loved Cena when he was heel, he turned face they started hating him about a year or so after and now if he goes heel give him about 2 maybe even 3 months before they love him again. Regardless how he is in the ring, if you’re good on the stick you got em in the palm of your hand.

  13. Captain Ass says:

    Brilliant move by WWE. Long overdue. They’ll make millions on any anti Cena merchandise.

  14. N. Gaijin says:

    How could you forget the resth… er… chinlock?

  15. Kyle Christie says:

    @Eric who is “Cdma”?

  16. Beast says:

    Orton loves headlocks!

  17. Jon says:

    Why did WWE take so long to cash in on this?!

  18. Atlee Greene says:

    I’m shocked the WWE didn’t do this sooner. Oh, people who really hate Cena should not buy this shirt unless you want to put more money in his bank account.

  19. Eric says:

    @Kyle I posted that with a phone and for some reason cdma is correct spelling for Cena? Lol. It also days “Dens” instead of Cena too for some reason. Idk.

    And yes I forgot head locks.

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