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WWE TLC PPV Predictions

by Brad Hoy

WWE TLC PPV predictions TLC will be live from Baltimore, Maryland this Sunday and there are six matches on the card, four of which are title matches. Before I give my predictions and opinions of how the matches are going to go down, first of all I believe that this PPV is pretty pointless. For example TLC is designed to be a “Hardcore” ish PPV, however the most hardcore thing that can happen is a chair shot to the back or jumping off a ladder. This bugs me for one reason, and it’s not that the WWE are trying to be something they are not, it’s the fact that they are trying to be something they choose not to be when they signed a PG TV contract. Personally I wish they didn’t go PG but I can except that, however I don’t think they should try and put on hardcore matches knowing they cannot produce them to a respectable standard. This always leaves the majority of fans disappointed and considering that the company isn’t on great terms with its long term fans, I just feel this is a mistake that can be easily avoidable. I also appreciate that this is only my opinion and that you may or may not agree with it which is fine but I had to get that off my chest. One more thing, I can’t believe I’m going to write a PPV prediction article without using the “C” word (Cena… dam it, oh well at least he’s not going to be mentioned again, but don’t be surprised if he pops up at some point).

Now, on to the action…

Dolph Ziggler(C) Vs Zack Ryder

(United States Championship on the line)

Personally, I cannot wait to see the True Long Island Iced-Z back on a WWE PPV where he belongs and what better opponent for him to face than the extremely well rounded talent of Dolph Ziggler. I would love to see Zack Ryder capture the US title and not just as I think he deserves it but as it is about time for Dolph to drop the belt and move on to better things in the company. Ziggler has proven himself in many ways to the WWE, for example he can wrestle with the best of them, his good mic skills and not forgetting his ability to draw heat (with a little help from Vickie Guerrero). However, I feel by them putting the strap on Ryder now may be a month or so too late and the only reason I can think of is that Dolph didn’t have anything or anyone to move on to that wasn’t a step down but better late than never. Now Ziggler has been main eventing Raw more often and I believe he will receive a well deserved push.

Cody Rhodes (C) Vs Booker T

(Intercontinental Championship on the line)

This match marks the in ring return of the five time WCW champion Booker T and there is no one better for him to face than one of the best wrestlers and up and coming heels in the company. This is a great chance for Rhodes to be propelled into the spotlight and I believe that Booker will be more than happy to put him over and “pass the torch”. A lot of people have been speculating whether Booker can still perform in the ring, I have no doubt what so ever that Booker can still go and take a bump and this should be a good match.

Triple H Vs Kevin Nash

(Sledgehammer ladder match)

I can’t help but feel that I should be looking forward to this match a bit more than I actually am, however I find myself not really caring about who wins or how good the match will be. This is a match which has two future hall of famers competing against each other and unfortunately it has not been hyped to the level that would grab peoples interest. I personally hold a bit of a grudge towards HHH and Nash because as the WWE entered the “Reality” era they had one of the best opportunities (CM Punk promo) to make wrestling fun again. However the reality is that HHH came back and tried to steal the spotlight and in doing so he brought an over the hill, rating killer of a friend with him, which simply took away any chance of the WWE making a big comeback. Instead they let the two continue to make Raw boring (with a little help from John Laurinaitis) and thus leaving fans only reason to tuning in was to watch CM Punk. That’s my rant over, so back to the match…

I think that HHH will most likely be victorious, simply because he wants to get revenge on Nash for the terrible botched Powerbomb Nash gave him which lead to Hunter being sidelined. Also, I hope that HHH does win as this would be the most likely outcome if the WWE were looking at ending the storyline. However, I just can’t imagine Nash is willing to put Hunter over straight away but that may well be my perceived conception of Nash’s stubbornness. Nonetheless, the sledgehammer up a ladder match should be an interesting one to watch, and I hope by negative beliefs our proved wrong.

Randy Orton Vs Wade Barrett

(Tables match)

Apart from the main event, I believe this match has the most potential to be the best of the night as both athletes are at the top of their game. As far as who will win, I’m predicting Orton to be victorious as I feel he has taken a few losses recently and is about time he got his revenge. It is also good to see Barrett on PPV a bit more, now how long that will last I don’t know. However, I think that over the past year or so he has developed in many ways and I would like to see a lot more of him in the near future. We also can’t forget Orton’s consistent performances in the ring over the past few months and no matter what the outcome I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Mark Henry (C) Vs Big Show

(Chairs match for the World Heavyweight championship)

The two giants of the WWE face off AGAIN for the title, and this match has a lot to live up to due to the potential quality and entertainment factor of all the other matches on the card, however I’m looking forward to seeing what the two experienced big men can produce and I hope we will be pleasantly surprised as we have been previously. As far as who will win the strap I believe it’s about time for Big Show to become champion once again and continue the feud. However Henry has done a great job as champ and I would be disappointed if he held onto the title for a little bit longer, as long as he moves on to face someone different.

CM Punk (C) Vs The Miz Vs Alberto Del Rio

(A TLC match for the WWE Championship)

For the first time in WWE history the title will be defended in a triple threat TLC match, and what a match it should be as all three superstars have earned their right to be in the main event. Let’s hope that these three wrestlers make full use of the match they are in and intertwine Tables, Ladders and Chairs into the contest which I’m sure they will. As far as who will win, I’m going for Punk as I feel he deserves to keep hold of the belt, which will also help make the title meaningful and not a pointless thing that gets passed around every month. Plus, Punk could do with a bit more attention for his character to continue to elevate the company and if my prediction is correct then I pray that Punk changes the look of the WWE championship belt as it has been far too ugly for far too long.

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13 Responses

  1. Beast says:

    PUNK 4 EVER! He shall remain CHAMPION! To be honest I check out RAW to see what CM PUNK will do next.

  2. eddie says:

    I agree only reason I watch raw is to see what punk does everyone says he is this generation stone cold but I think he is more like HBK because people watch raw for him

  3. Bob says:

    He doesn’t like the PG era, but at least he can “except that”. That’s where I decided to disregard this guys opinion.

  4. Bryan lee says:

    1.Dolph zigler vs zack ryder U.S tittle match

    Winner Zack ryder new champion

    2.Cody rhodes vs booker t Intercontinental Tittle

    winner Cody rhodes still champion

    3. Mark henry vs big show chair match World heavyweight tittle

    winner mark henry still champion
    after match big show knock out mark henry then daniel bryan cashs in money in the bank

    4.Mark henry vs daniel bryan world Heavyweight tittle

    winner Daniel bryan New champion

    5. Randy orton vs wade barrett table match

    winner randy orton

    6. triple H vs kevin nash sledgehammer match

    winner Triple H

    7. cm punk vs the Miz vs alberto del rio triple threat Wwe championship

    winner Cm punk still champion

    Bryan lee

  5. tony says:

    u know what i like bout this PPV, NO CENA!!!!!!

  6. dave says:

    No Cena + Cena Sucks Shirt + Piper + The Rock = Cena heel turn and the end of PG for 2012. Cena will turn heel at this PPV, or at least before the Rumble. They may even take their time with it, why rush? He’s locked into the biggest wrestling match ever.

    I am from the UK and this will be the first PPV I actually purchase since Mania. I don’t know why but aside from the gimmicks, the match ups all have a bit of meaning and they make sense and all match ups could be great.

    But as a WWE fan of 20 years, I guess in the back of my mind I’m thinking: how will it go wrong?

  7. jack says:

    @tony Dont bet on that, Cena may not have a match but he will show up at some point, My guess is that he will get involved in the Ziggler-Ryder match costing Dolph the title.

  8. joshua shaver says:

    I feel this PPV is a experiment for the WWE. The simple Fact that No Cena on the card states we can do a PPV without one of their biggest names that attracts a younger generation. However, I know that more matches will get added the names of the show.

    Randy Orton def. Wade Barrett in Tables Match. Barrett may dominate the match, but Randy will put Barrett through a table.

    Booker T def. WWE IC Champ Cody Rhodes via DQ.I believe Booker T will make this match interesting and Cody will get frustrated and get DQ’ed.

    **Bonus Match** Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne def. Primo and Epico to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles.

    Big Show def. Mark Henry in Chairs Match to win the World Title. Earlier this week, I read an article that stated Mark Henry went to the Hospital to get his ankle scoped. Henry’s injury could be serve and he drops the title for Big Show to lose it at the Elimination Chamber PPV.

    CM Punk def. Miz and Alberto Del Rio in Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match to retain the WWE Title. This match has alot of unknowns, but Miz turns on Del Rio and Punk capitalizes.

    Ryder def. Ziggler to win the WWE US Title.

    **My Main Event** Triple H def. Kevin Nash in Sledgehammer Ladder Match. I believe this will be brutal and exciting. Triple H grabs the Hammer as NAsh uses a Ladder. Nash misses get a hammer for his troubles and one pedigree.

  9. Brad Hoy says:

    @Bob, i appreciate that everyone has an opinion and i respect that, however why would you disregard my opinion on the bases of me not agreeing with the WWE going PG. Also i stated that i can “except” that the WWE are PG as it is not the be all and end all of the company and it’s not my main concern.

    But again, I still respect everyone’s opinion.


  10. comeonreally says:

    @Brad Hoy it’s because you spelled “except” instead of the correct word to you “accept.”

  11. comeonreally says:

    *use not you now I’m catching the poor use of words. But to say you except something, means you’re excluding something or isolating specific things.

  12. ThePreston says:

    My Predictions: Z-Ry,Book(via dq,Cody retains),Trips,Slow,Beth,Randall, Punk! the end.

    *and let me get this straight…you WOULD be dissapointed if Henry retains the title?
    or if he retains and then moves onto feud with someone else? >->

    me confuzzled.

  13. Brad Hoy says:

    @Bob Sorry for the incorrect grammar, I was supposed to write “accept”. Now, without being pedantic (let me know if that is being used in the correct way, or if you need me to explain what it means) what your reasons were for disregarding my opinion and please bear in mind that all of my predictions were 100% correct.

    Also, @ThePreston I apologise for the mistake as “would” was intended to read “Wouldn’t”. I hope you are no longer confused as to what my opinion was.

    Again, I apologise for the grammatical errors and I shall try my best to prevent them from reoccurring.


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