12/17 ROH on Sinclair Recap

Dec 17, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

ROH on Sinclair Recap
By Cody A. Springer

We start off the broadcast with comments from Eddie Edwards. He says he’s ready for Davey at Final Battle. He has Dan Severn, and that’s all he needs to win.

Match #1: Andy “Right Leg” Ridge vs. “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards Before the match can get under way, Truth Martini joins Nigel and Kevin at the broadcast position. Eddie dominant with some amateur stuff to start off. Both men back up, and a great back and forth chain, leading to a double drop kick, and then both men standoff. Edd with some hard chops, Andy battles back, but is quickly shut down by Edwards. Big belly-to-belly, and a vice like submission. Andy tries to battle back, and climbs the second rope, only to be met by an enzuigiri from Eddie. Eddie locks him in for a backpack stunner, but Andy wiggles out and shoves Eddie off. Eddie with a roll-up that gets transitioned into an STF on Ridge. Ridge with a springboard cutter and a two. Huge lariat from Edwards, and then a powerbomb, followed by the Dragon Sleeper. Ridge taps immediately. Winner: Eddie Edwards

We return with a recap of how Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team and The Briscoe Brothers’ blood feud came to be, and what led up to the brutal attack on Shelton Benjamin, and what all happened leading up to the epic Tag Team Championship confrontation at Final Battle.

Inside ROH: Final Battle Countdown We start by recapping Best in the World where Davey Richards won the ROH World Championship from Eddie Edwards. We then recap Roderick Strong vs. Davey Richards for the ROH World Championship, which led to Roderick Strong vs. Kyle O’Reilly. After the match, melee ensued and the American Wolves stood tall. The next week,Eddie Edwards was chosen to be the Number One Contender. Eddie revealed Dan “The Beast” Severn.

Main Event –Proving Ground Match: Davey Richards vs. Michael Elgin We start off with Elgin out powering Davey. Davey takes way Elgin’s base, and works on the ankles. After some back and forth action, Davey levels Elgin with a dropkick, and works more on the legs. Lots and lots of kicks by Davey, Davey charges and gets hit with a huge spinning side slam. On the outside now, Elgin drives the back of Davey in to the ring apron. Back in now, and Elgin throws Davey back out, and while Elgin distracts the ref, Truth claws at Davey’s eyes. Elgin drives his knee in the back of a seated Davey as he pulls back Davey’s arms. Davey out of it now, dumps Elgin on the apron. Davey whips off with a huge kick to the back of Elgin that sends Elgin to the outside. Davey whips again and hits a huge plancha on Elgin. We go to commercial. We return with both men slowly hitting each other with elbows. Davey enzuigiris Elgin to the outside, and Davey runs off the apron with a kick, but Elgin catches Davey’s kick, and hits a huge running fisherman’s suplex on the outside. Richards back in with less than half a second left on the twenty count. Richards crawling toward Elgin. Davey spits on Elgin, and Elgin hits a huge Suplex uranage. Two count. Elgin with a huge fisherman’s suplex buster and another two. Elgin goes for the spinning powerbomb, but Davey reverses out and hits a double stomp on Elgin. Both men battle on the top turnbuckle, Davey trying to superplex Elgin. Davey connects. Elgin up and angry, demanding that Davey hit him. Both men absolutely kill each other with stiff strikes. Elgin with a huge enquigiri and both men are down. Back up and both men punish each other again. Huge German by Davey and a two. Davey goes for a kick, but gets his leg grabbed by Truth. Elgin goes for a German, but Davey lands on his feet. Davey runs and kicks Truth, and the up to the top with a flying double foot stomp and only two. Huge buzzsaw kick and another two, and Davey quick into an armbar. Elgin tries everything he can to battle out, but to no avail. Elgin lifts Davey up while still in the armbar is still in and Davey sunset flips Elgin and gets the three. Winner: Davey Richards

Truth is in and Davey teases hitting Truth, but Elgin is in and starts beating down Davey. Edwards out now to make the save, grabs the ROH World Title belts and goes to nail Elgin with it, but hits Davey instead. Davey up, accusatory of Eddie. Davey takes down Eddie, but Eddie quickly transitions it into the Dragon Sleeper. Davey taps and Team Richards out to break it up. Davey and Eddie going back and forth, breaking free from restraint to charge at the other as we go off the air.

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