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Smackdown SPOILERS for Friday

Josh Mathews interviewed Booker T in ring. Cody Rhodes came out and cut the usual promo. Booker T made some great facial twitches during Cody’s promo. Said that if Booker T interfered in the following match, he’d petition for his suspension.

Cody Rhodes beat Daniel Bryan in a great back and forth match.

Backstage promo with Swagger and Henry. Henry offered Swagger the opportunity to be #1 contender if he took out Show tonight. Swagger refused and said he was doing this for himself.

Alicia Fox beat Natalya. Had to do finish twice cause Alicia botched it. Surprise.

Epico and Primo w/ Rosa Menswa beat Usos.

Big Show beat Swagger. Henry sat on the ramp watching the match. Afterwards Henry attacked Swagger and a random cameraman with the steel chair he sat on.

Ted DiBiase beat Heath Slater. Jinder Mahal attacked him after. Long came out and made a match, Mahal vs Sheamus.

Sheamus beat Jinder Mahal in a short match that Sheamus mostly dominated.

Zack Ryder and Randy Orton beat Dolph Ziggler and Wade Barrett in a great match.


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10 Responses

  1. Randy Pena says:

    Lame!!!! Why are they having primo and epico vs the usos didn’t that happened a month ago?

  2. Jim says:

    LAME! Why put Rhodes over Bryan?

  3. RJ Ace says:

    Because Cody Rhodes is better all around than Daniel Bryan and he has a PPV match Sunday.

  4. chris says:

    Rhoads is a star in the making, but he’s ways away from being as good a worker as Daniel Bryan. As good as these matches are, they can’t top that four way from Raw, that was a true PPV quality match, it was long yet still entertaing…take a hint, WWE bookers. Long matches aren’t bad.

  5. Ray says:

    Does anybody else think that was not glen jacobs in the kane mask on raw?

  6. ThePreston says:

    ugh.. well i know that my volume will most certainly be on mute for
    Cody/D-Bry! lol (just TRY and guess why)

  7. ThePreston says:

    ..and oh for the love of god wwe, can you puh lease STOP pushing the botch queen/ hot mess Victoria Crawford (more or less, “black version of k2″ lol) at the expense of the “wrestling” great Nattie Neidhart!..every single. GDMN week, after week, after week….i mean, wtf is deal with this? enough! O__o

  8. ThePreston says:

    yep, my brother and i also noticed something was a little fishy about the
    “new kane”..hmmm
    could it be… the return of Drew Hankinson (a.k.a Luke Gallows)?! lol

    *don’t see how this was relevant to “smackdown” but, oh well..

  9. RJ Ace says:

    @Chris – Daniel Bryan is a better in ring worker than Cody Rhodes but I think Rhodes is better overall. He’s improved his look tremendously, he’s better on the mic, and he has a more interesting character. Some people don’t care about that stuff but I do. It’s all in what you look for I suppose. I am a Daniel Bryan fan as far as watching him wrestle but he needs more depth in my opinion. I agree though that WWE needs to give these guys more time to work. The more wrestling, the less ammount of time for stupid skits.

    WWE just jobbed out Beth Pheonix to a tv host and then they job out Natalya to quite possibly the worst worker in the Divas division. Way to build up your 2 best females WWE.

  10. tk says:

    it was the Kane one and only we all thought this when he returned the last time when he was in that feud with the unamericans…its not luke its not taker i feel its just been a real real long time since we have seen him in the mask. You have to watch the body language of glen and youll see its him and he slimed down remember glen has a small gap in his front toothline just look for that…if its not id be fooled

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