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Brian Knobbs claims Savage joke taken out of context

Brighthouse Sports Network interviewed former WWE superstar Brian Knobbs about private remarks he made that went public following the death of Randy Savage. Knobbs says his remarks were a joke taken out of context and that he respects Macho Man and his family.

(source: Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

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10 Responses

  1. Brad Bardy says:

    No matter the context, it would’ve been taken as a sign of disrespect

  2. RJ Ace says:

    Yeah clutching at your chest and making fun of Randy Savage’s “Oooh yeah” can definitely be something other than making fun of him dying of a heart attack.

  3. ThePreston says:

    F.U Brian ‘Knobbhead’!

    R.I.P Macho Man :(

  4. -J- says:

    he never was too bright

  5. mark henrysuxx says:

    what was the context? seemed pretty clear cut to me……

  6. RJ Ace says:

    Knobs is an idiot. Just own up to it and apologize. Admit that it was out of line and completely inappropriate.

  7. chris says:

    Knobs is dumber than I gave him credit for…I’m impressed.

  8. Bobbo says:

    ooooooh yeah! bitch slapped from beyond the grave, dig it!

  9. Bobbo says:

    i hate Knobbs, always have and always will.

  10. david r. says:

    He was a moron during his heyday (if he even had one), and he’s even more of a moron now! Oh, I’m sorry if people reading this take this outta context… What an idiot!

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