Impact SPOILERS for 12/15 and 12/22

Dec 13, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck


Bobby Roode drew A.J. Styles in a 5:00 title match. The idea here is that the people last night wanted five more minutes, so instead of a full match, they gave the people the five minutes.

Sting came out and ordered another 5:00. This time Roode won via submission with a half crab.

Abyss & Scott Steiner b Hernandez & Rob Terry -They are doing a Mexican style parejas increibles tournament for a title shot, where people who normally wouldn’t team are put together. Abyss gave Terry the black hole slam and Steiner pinned Terry

Kurt Angle complained about how bad TNA has gotten since Sting was put in charge. Where was he the last five years? Angle said it was Sting’s fault he lost the title to James Storm and he wants another match with Storm. Sting said that Storm has beaten him twice so there is no reason for another rematch. Angle told Sting that he would go to find Storm at his home and beat him up there if he’s not getting another match.

Zema Iion b Tony Nese

Gunner NC Jesse Neal when Gunner hit the ref. Gunner gave Neal a piledriver on the floor and Neal did a stretcher job.

Jeff Hardy talked about his shot at Roode at Genesis. Bully Ray came out and set up a match with Hardy.

In the tag tournament, Magnus & Samoa Joe b Douglas Williams & Robbie E when Joe pinned Williams after the muscle buster

Madison Rayne b Traci Brooks

Devon called out Pope. Pope came to the ring with Devon’s kids. Devon told Pope that the kids shouldn’t be in the ring. As Devon told his kids to leave, Pope told Devon that his kids want to be just like Pope. Devon decked Pope and again went to have his kids leave when Pope came from behind and gave Devon a low blow. The kids left with Devon.

Jeff Hardy b Bully Ray clean with the twist of fate. Roode attacked Hardy and gave him a power bomb through a table. Sting came out and yelled at them. Roode and Ray also beat down Sting.

Matches taped for 12/22

Tara NC Brooke Tessmacher with Madison Rayne as ref ended when both attacked Rayne

In the tag tournament, Eric Young & ODB b Shannon Moore & Anarquia. Moore walked out on Anarquia who was pinned

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